Scottish Records

Scottish records are recognised for performances in the senior, under-20, under-17, under-15 and under-13 age groups, with separate records maintained for indoor and outdoor performances. At senior level, records are recognised as National Records (set anywhere in the world by an athlete eligible to represent Scotland), Native Records (set in Scotland by an athlete eligible to represent Scotland) and All-Comers’ Records (set in Scotland by any athlete).

Records are considered and approved initially by the scottishathletics Record Committee, before being authorised by Track and Field Commission and the Board of scottishathletics. Meetings to consider records are held quarterly.

A list of current records are maintained at

The first official Scottish record list was produced in November 1886 and these inaugural records were:

100 Yards: J M Cowie, 10 sec. 120 Yards: J S Blair, 12 2/5sec. 150 Yards: M C Wright, 15 2/5sec. 440 Yards: Cowie, 51 1/5sec. 880 Yards: T Moffat, 2min 0¾ sec. Mile: D S Duncan, 4min 32 1/5 sec. 3 Miles: A P Findlay, 15min 54sec. 4 Miles: W Gabriel, 21min 16 3/5sec. 5 Miles: Findlay, 26min 41sec. 6 Miles: Findlay, 32min 12sec. 7 Miles: Findlay, 38min 3sec. 8 Miles: Findlay, 44 min 1 sec. 9 Miles: Findlay, 49 min 53sec. 10 Miles: Findlay, 55min 16 4/5sec. 120 Yards Hurdles: A M’Neill, 16 3/5sec. High Jump: J Parsons, 6ft. Long Jump: T Vallance, 21ft 11 in. Throwing Hammer: K Whitton, 100ft 5¾ in. Putting Weight: Whitton, 42ft 8in. Vaulting with Pole: T Ray, 11ft 1in. 1 Mile Walk: J Harvie, 7min 2 2/5 sec. 2 Miles Walk: Harvie, 14min 56sec. 3 Miles Walk:  J Harvie, 23min 16sec,

The downloadable history publication, Scottish Athletics Record Book is the first time a complete list of holders of senior national, native and all-comers’ records for men and women, outdoors and indoors, has been produced and traces all record holders from these first records in 1886 to the current day.

A work like this will undoubtedly contain some omissions and our historian, Arnold Black, would be delighted to receive information and corrections, no matter how small. Please contact him at


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