Fair Work First

Fair Work First – Scottish Athletics statement

scottishathletics as a grant recipient from sportscotland, is committed to the Scottish Government’s Fair Work First policy, taking to deliver high quality and fair work, and workforce diversity.

scottishathletics, is committed to delivering on the following Fair Work First criteria:

Living wage

  • scottishathletics is an accredited Real Living Wage employer.

Effective voice

  • scottishathletics is committed to fostering an environment where every voice matters. We encourage open dialogue and invite feedback, where it is relevant to do so.  
  • We respect individuals who are Trade Union members and will consult with our Trade Union colleagues when they are identified to us.
  • We directly engage with our staff through surveys and provide opportunities for transparent discussions with our senior management team, and are actively seeking ways to enhance what we currently do.

Workforce development

  • scottishathletics believes in the importance of investing in our staff and we are committed to workforce development.
  • scottishathletics works with all staff throughout the course of the year to identify training needs and determine suitable delivery methods.  All staff are reminded of the SGB training opportunities throughout the course of the year and are encouraged to sign up for courses.
  • The Senior Management Team discusses training opportunities and personal development with staff during the appraisal process and at appropriate times throughout the year.

Zero hours contracts

  • scottishathletics do not inappropriately use zero hours contracts.

Diversity and inclusion

  • scottishathletics is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone feels seen, valued and respected.
  • scottishathletics has achieved the Advanced Level of the Equality Standard for Sport and is now positively engaging with the Moving to Inclusion Framework.

Flexible and family friendly working

  • scottishathletics has a number of flexible and family working policies, including flexible working, hybrid working, enhanced sickness and maternity payments, compassionate leave, and time off for dependents.  These policies are regularly reviewed and appropriate adjustments made to reflect changes in legislation e.g., flexible working and carers leave.

Fire and re-hire

  • scottishathletics opposes the use of “fire and re-hire” practices.
  • We will undertake full and meaningful consultations with our people when making any changes to our employment terms and conditions.

This statement has been approved by sportscotland as part of our ongoing funding agreement.


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