Tom Stillie Award

Tom Stillie was born in 1915 in Alva and enjoyed a successful spell in textiles as an assistant designer. He enlisted in the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders in 1940 and was subsequently commissioned into the Black Watch. However, he was seriously wounded towards the end of the war and the injuries he received affected him for the rest of his life.

In 1945 he was appointed lecturer in textile design at the Scottish Woollen Technical College. He had a keen interest in athletics, although his war wounds prevented him from competing, and was President of the Scottish Amateur Athletics Association in 1967. He showed an active interest in researching the history of tartan and tweed design and collecting fabric manufactured locally.

The tartan used in the Commonwealth Check for the 1970 Commonwealth Games was designed by Tom Stillie and used for the Scottish female team uniform, and fabric samples from Lochcarron and Gardiners of Selkirk. He died on 23 March 1978 while still in post as Senior Lecturer in Design at the Scottish Woollen Technical College.

The Tom Stillie Award is given each year to the person who has contributed the most to Scottish Athletics within the preceding year.

2020 winners – David Lothian and Andrew Stevenson

For the 15th consecutive year Callendar Park, Falkirk played host to the Scottish Cross Country Championships. Andrew Stevenson and David Lothian have shared the duties of Clerk of the Course and Chief Course Builder on all but three of these occasions. However, the 2019-20 championships presented a major challenge that took a lot of goodwill, hard work and imagination to overcome.

The major challenge was the weather and in particular rain and flooding. In short most of the courses that had been used over the years were either inaccessible or under water. The course designers Andy Stevenson and David Lothian alerted the Events Manager about the state of the course and a meeting was arranged with Falkirk Sports and Recreation, on 12 February only 10 days before the event. In agreement with the Parks team a new set of courses were planned utilising the high ground within the park. This was no small task as it included new design, measurement, maps, marshal instructions etc and a good proportion of the burden fell on Andy and David. Even then as the forecast was for more rain it was not clear that the event would take place at all. That required a further meeting the following week with 3 days to go.

The weather on the day was not kind either with high winds, occasional showers, at least one flash of lightning and flooding where the course had to be re–routed during the event. The condition of the park at the end of the day was not pristine and the damage considerable but did not seem to bother the Falkirk Parks representatives too much as they reckoned that the park would recover.

These Championships would not have taken place without the diligence of Andrew Stevenson and David Lothian.

Winners of the Tom Stillie Award have been:

1979 Allan Wells
1980 Raymond Hutcheson
1981 Allan Wells
1982 Cameron Sharp
1983 Robert Greenock
1984 Owen Dickson
1985 Alex Naylor
1986 Thomas McKean
1987 Ewan Murray, O.B.E.
1988 John Hamilton
1989 John Brown
1990 Edwin Taylor
1991 George Duncan
1992 Alan Grosset
1993 Not presented
1994 George Kirk
1995 Ian Clifton
1996 Hilda McGillivray
1997 Ian Mackie
1998 James Scott
1999 George Duncan
2000 Helen Spankie
2001 Brian Goodwin
2002 Leslie Roy
2003 Jackson Family
2004 Graham Sword
2005 Arnold Black
2006 Willie Laing
2007 Bob Gray
2008 Jim Young
2009 Marjory Cook
2010 Inverclyde AC
2011 Alan Potts
2012 Alan Bertram
2013 Liz Wilder
2014 Mikael Huggins
2015 Ron Morrison
2016 Janet Nixon
2017 Mike Johnston
2018 Adrian Stott
2019 Sandra Hardacre
2020 David Lothian and Andrew Stevenson

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