Honorary Life Membership

This is the award of Life Membership of scottishathletics.

Honorary Life Membership was introduced around 1975 by the Scottish Amateur Athletic Association (S.A.A.A) “in recognition of diligent service to the Association over a lengthy period of time.”  The Scottish Women’s Amateur Athletic Association had Honorary Life Vice-Presidents and in 1992, when the S.A.A.A., S.W.A.A.A. and the Scottish Men’s and Women’s Cross Country Unions merged into the Scottish Athletics Federation, existing Honorary Life Members of each of the bodies was offered Honorary Life Membership of the new federation.

In 2023, Honorary Life Membership was presented to Andy Law, Elaine Park, and Joyce Rammell. (Moira Nisbet here pictured left, collecting on behalf of Joyce Rammell – photo by Bobby Gavin)

Andy Law (Dundee Hawkhill Harriers)

Andy has been a committed and passionate member of the Scottish athletics community for around 60 years. As a young athlete in the mid 1960’s, he quickly became Renfrewshire Schools’ cross country and mile champion. He joined Greenock Glenpark Harriers, representing them in cross country, road races and middle distance. When his sons joined Inverness Harriers in 1990, Andy became a qualified coach, helping to guide the boys to the Scottish Young Athletes title on several occasions. Andy’s officiating career then took off, starting on the field before moving to track, but also officiating at many meetings as a Timekeeper. Always happy to help wherever needed, Andy has also occasionally been a Starter and Starter’s Assistant. He has also always had a passion for cross country and still officiates and referees at many off-track events. Andy has been a valuable and committed member of the Scottish Track Peer Group since 2016, carrying out the role of Head of Allocations with fairness and organisational skill. He also shares his wide knowledge and experience as a mentor, supporting new and progressing officials. After so many years, Andy’s love of the sport does not diminish. Still a member of Dundee Hawkhill Harriers, he continues to give a huge amount of time to athletics. Andy’s attitude has never changed – he is happy to do whatever is needed to help athletes to have a positive experience.

Elaine Park (Shetland AAC)

Elaine joined Shetland AAC whilst at school, and quickly became a regular club volunteer alongside her competing commitments. Since then, she has become synonymous with athletics in the islands, with every athlete who has passed through the club over the last three decades influenced by her as a coach, club administrator and/or training partner. Alongside coaching and officiating, Elaine is the current chair of Shetland AAC, and has held key roles on the committees of both the Shetland Junior Inter County (JIC) Association and Shetland Island Games Association, supporting the invaluable opportunities these competitions create for island-based athletes. She is currently the Vice Chair of the JIC committee, as well as the Athletics Representative and Travel Organiser. She has also been the Athletics Representative on the Shetland Island Games committee, and is now the association’s Travel Coordinator for all sports. At club-level, Elaine regularly gives up her time to accompany teams of all ages to competitions on the mainland: a return trip often of almost 40 hours by ferry and minibus (which she also drives). Without her dedication and travel expertise, many of the islands’ athletes would never have had the opportunity to compete away from home. Without Elaine, there would be no Shetland AAC and no athletics provision in the isles. Instead, she ensures that the sport thrives locally, as well as supporting athletes to compete off-island and ensuring a Shetland-presence at national events.

Joyce Rammell (Nithsdale AC)

Joyce Rammell has been involved in athletics in one way or another for the last 50 years, as an athlete, coach, technical official, league organiser and team manager. She has been the driving force of Nithsdale AC since its inception in the early 1990s, and not only coaches but often provides transport to training sessions to enable athletes from remote areas to take part. Joyce still coaches 2-3 times a week, and has coached young athletes new to the sport right up to Commonwealth Games athletes. Up until a couple of years ago Joyce was also the chair of the Central and South of Scotland Athletics League (CSSAL) and played a large part in organising league meetings. Today, Joyce still provides the league with guidance and support.  In addition to her club commitments, Joyce is an accomplished technical official, and was Head of the Field discipline for 8 years. She currently leads the reporting sub-group of the Field Peer Group, using her experience and encouragement to support officials as they progress along the pathway. Joyce is passionate about athletics and is keen to ensure her experience is shared with athletes and officials alike. She is also keen to ensure her beloved club is maintained, and she gives her time and experience willingly to others.

Honorary Life Members

The following individuals have been awarded Honorary Life Membership by Scottish Athletics (with date HLM conferred, where known) since the commencement of the Scottish Athletics Federation in 1992:

Alistair Aitchison (2021)
Hugh Baillie (2009)
Sheila Baillie (2010)
F. Beattie (1992)
Thomas Begg (1992)
Arnold Black (2010)
Chris Black (2004)
Thomas Boyle (2006)
Donald Campbell (1992)
Rt. Hon. Sir Menzies Campbell, CBE QC MP
Peter Carton
Frank Clement (2003)
Hon. Dame Mary Corsar (1992)
J. Cowie (1992)
Barry Craighead (1999)
W. E. Duncan (1992)
David Finlayson (2020)
Eamon FitzGerald (2017)
William Fulton (1992)
Norman Gardiner (2007)
William (Billy) Glasgow (2012)
Fred Graham (1992)
William (Bill) Grant
Robert Greenoak (1992)
Alan G. Grosset (1992)
Sandra Hardacre (2022)
Janice Hendrie (2021)
Pat Hockley (2009)
Vic Hockley (2016)
Alex Jackson (2011)
P. T. Johnston (1992)
Andy Law (2023)
Mairi Levack (2018)
David Lothian (2017)
Moira Maguire (2020)
Bob Masson (2021)
D. Matheson (1992)
Brian McAusland (2010)
Liz McColgan (2007)
John McDonald (2015)
Jim McInnes (2012)
Robert McSwein (1992)
J. T. Mitchell (1992)
J. Moncur (1992)
Elsie Morris (2013)
Ronald Morrison (2000)
Elaine Park (2023)
James Patrick (1992)
George Peat (1992)
Alan Potts (2010)
Joyce Rammell (2023)
Isobel Robertson (1992)
John Rodger (2022)
R. Ross (1992)
Leslie Roy (2008)
James Scott (1999)
Netta Sinclair (1992)
Sheila Smart (2007)
Helen Spankie (2001)
Robert McG. Stephen (1992)
Graham Sword (2006)
Bill Walker (2016)
A. Whyte (1992)
Joyce Wighton (2020)
Elizabeth Wilder (2022)
Molly Wilmoth
James Young (2008)

Late Members

The following honorary life members have sadly passed (date in brackets when they received HLM)

George K. Aithie (1992)
W. B. Anderson (1992)
Walter Banks (1992)
Alan Bertram (2009)
Mrs. C. Brown (1992)
Joe Bruce (2014)
Prof. Neil Campbell (1992)
Madge Carruthers (1992)
John (Ian) E. Clifton (1992)
Marjory Cook (2010)
Roddy Devon (1992)
Oliver N. Dickson (1992)
Rita Docherty (1992)
Neil Donachie
Donald M. Duncan (1992)
George Duncan (1999)
Isobel Dunkeld (2002)
Alastair Falconer (1992)
J. Emmet Farrell (1992)
David Ferguson (1992)
John Gavin (1992)
John Girvin (1992)
Brian A. Goodwin (1992)
Dale Greig (1992)
Eleanor Gunstone (1992)
John M. Hamilton (1992)
Glen Harrower (2009)
Donald M. Hastie (1992)
Hugh Hatrick (1992)
Raymond Hutcheson (1992)
Martin Hyman (2007)
Antonia (Tony) Ireland (1992)
George Kirk (2006)
Richard T. H. Littlejohns (1992)
A.K. Macdonald (1992)
John Macdonald (2012)
James A. MacIntyre, MBE (1992)
Hilda McGillivray (1992)
Duncan McLaren (2002)
T.B. McMillan (1992)
David Morrison (1992)
Robin Murdoch (1992)
Alex Naylor (1992)
Gordon Porteous (1992)
A. Campbell Reid (1992)
Alexander (Sandy) Robertson (2008)
Bill Scally (2012)
James P. Shields (1992)
George Sinclair (2012)
Elizabeth (Betty) Steedman
Edwin L. Taylor (1992)
Ernest F. Thursby (1992)
John Waddell (1992)
Mrs June Ward (1992)
Joan Watt (2005)
Tom Williamson (1992)
Mrs Joy D. Young (1992)

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