Honorary Life Membership

This is the award of Life Membership of scottishathletics.

Honorary Life Membership was introduced around 1975 by the Scottish Amateur Athletic Association (S.A.A.A) “in recognition of diligent service to the Association over a lengthy period of time.”  The Scottish Women’s Amateur Athletic Association had Honorary Life Vice-Presidents and in 1992, when the S.A.A.A., S.W.A.A.A. and the Scottish Men’s and Women’s Cross Country Unions merged into the Scottish Athletics Federation, existing Honorary Life Members of each of the bodies was offered Honorary Life Membership of the new federation.

In 2021, the Honorary Life Membership award was given to Bob Masson, Janice Hendrie and Alistair Aitchison.

Photo: Bobby Gavin www.thatonemoment.co.uk

Alistair Aitchison (Edinburgh AC)

First becoming involved with athletics almost 30 years ago when his daughter competed, Alistair has been a valued member of many groups over that time and has volunteered in many roles including fund raising, press officer and membership secretary. As a Track umpire and judge he has attended events the length and breadth of the UK and at all levels from local to national to international as well as the Olympic Games in London. As the head of the track discipline between 2013 and 2021 Alistair nurtured, guided and supported countless new track umpires within athletics in Scotland, he has also recently been appointed to the UK Athletics peer group to help athletics grow nationally.

Janice Hendrie (Inverclyde AC)

In 2019 Janie was awarded the British Empire Medal in the New Year’s Honours list recognising over 40 years of dedication to athletics. Janice has helped over 2000 athletes not only participate in athletics but also to continue an active lifestyle. She has held Team Manager roles with the Scottish Schools Athletics Association and scottishathletics and convened the SSAA Championships for 10 years. As a coach education tutor since 2000 she continues to inspire the next generation of coaches and was instrumental when introducing Run, Jump and Throw and Startrack programmes nationally.

Bob Masson (Aberdeen AAC)

Since the 1970s Bob has been an active Athlete, Coach, Official and Administrator for Aberdeen AAC. His contribution to Athletics in Scotland is far reaching. He has coached multiple Scottish National champions and internationals including a World Masters Champion and two members of the Scottish silver medal winning 4x400m quartet at the 1990 Commonwealth Games.
His wisdom and knowledge of athletics equipment and maintenance ensures that Aberdeen Sports Village is able to host all levels of events from local to the National Age Group championships in 2021, he is always on hand to offer advice, help and technical feedback to all.

In 2020, the Honorary Life Membership award was given to Moira Maguire, Joyce Wighton and Dave Finlayson.

Honorary Life Members

The following individuals have been awarded Honorary Life Membership by Scottish Athletics (with date HLM conferred, where known) since the commencement of the Scottish Athletics Federation in 1992:

Alistair Aitchison (2021)
Hugh Baillie (2009)
Sheila Baillie (2010)
F. Beattie (1992)
Thomas Begg (1992)
Arnold Black (2010)
Chris Black (2004)
Thomas Boyle (2006)
Donald Campbell (1992)
Rt. Hon. Sir Menzies Campbell, CBE QC MP
Peter Carton
Frank Clement (2003)
John (Ian) E. Clifton (1992)
Hon. Dame Mary Corsar (1992)
J. Cowie (1992)
Barry Craighead (1999)
W. E. Duncan (1992)
David Finlayson (2020)
Eamon FitzGerald (2017)
William Fulton (1992)
Norman Gardiner (2007)
William (Billy) Glasgow (2012)
Fred Graham (1992)
William (Bill) Grant
Robert Greenoak (1992)
Alan G. Grosset (1992)
Janice Hendrie (2021)
Pat Hockley (2009)
Vic Hockley (2016)
Alex Jackson (2011)
P. T. Johnston (1992)
Mairi Levack (2018)
David Lothian (2017)
Moira Maguire (2020)
Bob Masson (2021)
D. Matheson (1992)
Brian McAusland (2010)
Liz McColgan (2007)
John McDonald (2015)
Jim McInnes (2012)
Robert McSwein (1992)
J. T. Mitchell (1992)
J. Moncur (1992)
Elsie Morris (2013)
Ronald Morrison (2000)
James Patrick (1992)
George Peat (1992)
Alan Potts (2010)
Isobel Robertson (1992)
R. Ross (1992)
Leslie Roy (2008)
James Scott (1999)
Netta Sinclair (1992)
Sheila Smart (2007)
Helen Spankie (2001)
Robert McG. Stephen (1992)
Graham Sword (2006)
Bill Walker (2016)
Joan Watt (2005)
A. Whyte (1992)
Joyce Wighton (2020)
Molly Wilmoth
James Young (2008)

Late Members

The following honorary life members have sadly passed

George K. Aithie (1992)
W. B. Anderson (1992)
Walter Banks (1992)
Alan Bertram (2009)
Mrs. C. Brown (1992)
Joe Bruce (2014)
Prof. Neil Campbell (1992)
Madge Carruthers (1992)
Marjory Cook (2010)
Roddy Devon (1992)
Oliver N. Dickson (1992)
Rita Docherty (1992)
Neil Donachie
Donald M. Duncan (1992)
George Duncan (1999)
Isobel Dunkeld (2002)
Alastair Falconer (1992)
J. Emmet Farrell (1992)
David Ferguson (1992)
John Gavin (1992)
John Girvin (1992)
Brian A. Goodwin (1992)
Dale Greig (1992)
Eleanor Gunstone (1992)
John M. Hamilton (1992)
Glen Harrower (2009)
Donald M. Hastie (1992)
Hugh Hatrick (1992)
Raymond Hutcheson (1992)
Martin Hyman (2007)
Antonia (Tony) Ireland (1992)
George Kirk (2006)
Richard T. H. Littlejohns (1992)
A.K. Macdonald (1992)
John Macdonald (2012)
James A. MacIntyre, MBE (1992)
Hilda McGillivray (1992)
Duncan McLaren (2002)
T.B. McMillan (1992)
David Morrison (1992)
Robin Murdoch (1992)
Alex Naylor (1992)
Gordon Porteous (1992)
A. Campbell Reid (1992)
Alexander (Sandy) Robertson (2008)
Bill Scally (2012)
James P. Shields (1992)
George Sinclair (2012)
Elizabeth (Betty) Steedman
Edwin L. Taylor (1992)
Ernest F. Thursby (1992)
John Waddell (1992)
Mrs June Ward (1992)
Tom Williamson (1992)
Mrs Joy D. Young (1992)

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