If you wish to organise an athletics event under UKA rules, be it a track and field meeting, road race, cross-country event, hill race or highland games, you will require a licence. Power of 10 and Runbritain Rankings will only include performances from licensed events.

Click here to apply for an event licence

Licences will only be issued to organisations who are current members of scottishathletics. This includes affiliated athletics clubs, associate members and event organisation members. If you would like an event licence and are not currently a member, you can register as an event organisation member through the ‘Signup’ link at the top of this page before applying.

Please ensure that you also familiarise yourself with the the post-event returns process before applying, and ensure that your organisation does not have any outstanding returns overdue.

If you are applying for a licence for a Road Race, please ensure your course measurement certificate is up to date before applying. Renewal instructions can be found on page 2 of your existing certificate. An out of date or missing certificate could cause a delay in your licence being issued.

If you are applying for a Track and Field license at either UKA Level 1 or UKA Level 2 your venue must have TrackMark accreditation. Any venues without this may only run a basic level competition. You can ask your venue for details of this or contact

Should extenuating circumstances lead to the postponement or cancellation of your event, please let us know by e-mail to We will then be able to update your existing licence for the new date (if within the same season) or mark the event as cancelled.

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