Event Returns

Event Returns Form

Following any licensed event, event organisers must send to scottishathletics a completed event return form within 28 days of their event taking place. Where an event forms part of a series, a form must still be completed per-event.

Event Returns Form


We are happy to publish results on our online fixture page from any licensed event. Any results submitted should be in Excel or pdf format, and comply with GDPR.

If your event hosted a scottishathletics Championship, a copy of your results must be submitted to scottishathletics within 28 days of the event date. Submitting results is not compulsory for non-Championship events, but is encouraged.

Unaffiliated Runner Levies

Unaffiliated runner levies of £2 per entry should be paid by non-scottishathletics members who take part in licensed road and multi-terrain, cross country and trail and ultra-distance events. These levies should be collected by the Event Organiser, on top of the event entry fee, and paid to scottishathletics within 28 days of the event taking place.

Levies do not need to be collected at events under track and field, hill running or heavy throws/Highland games licences, or in any event where entry costs £2 or less.

If you require an invoice before you can make the payment, it is your responsibility to request one from the Events Team in good time. If you require a receipt for your payment, one can be issued upon request.

Online Returns

From October 2019, the returns process has been made available online (to those who have applied for licences after the launch date). To complete your returns online, log in to your portal and complete the online event returns form for your event. The ‘returns’ option will appear next to the event name after the event date has passed. You will need to make payment of any levies due offline by BACS or cheque. Online returns will not be available to all Winter 2019-20 events, as some licence applications were submitted before this update was available. Both online and offline returns will be accepted throughout the Winter 2019-20 season.

From 1st April 2020, all event returns should be submitted online.

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