Event Entries

The SportServe event entry system links your membership details to your event registrations, allowing you to manage both in the same place. Below is a quick guide to entering an event, as well as answers to some frequently asked questions.

More information about registering to attend an event as a Coach or a Spectator can be found here: Coach and Spectator Tickets – Info & FAQs

5 Steps to Entering an Event as an Athlete

1. Log in to your SportServe account here. This is also where you manage your scottishathletics membership. Do not create a new account if you are already a member of scottishathletics – you already have one!

2. Make sure your membership is up to date, and remains valid until after the event date. Renew your membership if it has expired or will expire before the competition you plan to compete in.

3. Click on the ‘Fixture Calendar’ tile on your homepage. Find the event you want to enter on the fixture list and click on it.

4. Read the event information, and then click on the ‘Book Online’ button at the foot of the page to begin the entry form. Complete the entry form and submit your payment online. For non-scottishathletics events, a link to the organiser’s website will be available instead of the online entry form.

5. Check your inbox for two confirmation e-mails. Your booking will also show as an upcoming event on your homepage once your entry has been confirmed. If you do not receive both of your confirmation e-mails, please contact events@scottishathletics.org.uk

Clubs can also put athletes forward for events through the Club Portal. Team Managers wishing to access the club portal should contact their Club Secretary for details.

Entry Terms and Conditions for scottishathletics events can be found here: Terms and Conditions

Event Entry FAQs

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I don’t know my log-in details to access my account

In most cases, your username will be the e-mail address you used to register as a member. There is a ‘Forgot password’ link available on the log-in page if you need to reset your password. If you are still stuck, please e-mail membership@scottishathletics.org.uk for assistance.

Alternatively, clubs can submit entries on behalf of their members through the club portal for the majority of scottishathletics events. If you are unable to enter individually, try contacting your club secretary or team manager, as they may be able to submit your entry for you through the club portal. Please note club entries are not available for all events, and may close earlier than individual entries.

If you are experiencing log-in issues that mean you cannot enter an event prior to the closing date, please ensure that you also e-mail the Events Team on events@scottishathletics.org.uk. Requests for late entries submitted after the closing date will not be accepted, but we will be able to assist if you contact us prior to the closing date. We encourage all athletes not to leave submitting their entries until the night entries close!

My membership number isn’t accepted

If you are being asked to enter a membership number, this means there is no valid membership on your account.

  • This may mean that your membership has expired or will expire before the event – if so, return to step 2 above and renew before completing your entry.
  • This could also mean that you have created a new account instead of logging in to the account linked to your existing membership – if so, return to step 1 above and log in to your original membership account.
  • If you are not a member of scottishathletics, but wish to enter an event under your membership of another governing body, please ensure that the membership number you type is 7-digits long (a leading ‘0’ may be required).

I am told I have no eligible athletes

If you are told that you have no eligible athletes to enter, you are logged in to the Club Portal (which is for clubs) instead of the User Portal (for individual members). Make sure the web address says ‘sauser’ not ‘saclubportal’. The user portal is linked above.

I have been added to a waiting list. What happens next?

After entries have closed, the Events Team will calculate whether additional spaces are available in any of the wait-listed events. This may be due to cancellations we have been notified of; lower entries in another event creating additional space in the timetable; or for any other reason. Athletes on the waiting list will be contacted by e-mail if spaces become available.

You are not charged any entry fee if placed on a waiting list, but will be expected to pay the standard entry fee to book your place should spaces become available.

The system won’t accept my PB 

Please check that the PB information you have entered is in the same format as shown in the prompt.

  • For sprint or field events such as 200m or long jump, this should contain a dot: 19.19 or 7.52
  • For longer events, such as 800m, include a colon and a dot: 1:31.12

My club isn’t listed on the drop-down

Unfortunately, we are unable to list all clubs in the world, so if you are representing a club from outside of Scotland, there is a chance your club may not be listed. If you cannot see your club on the list, please select ‘Other’ and drop us an e-mail at events@scottishathletics.org.uk so we can add your club to your entry after it has been submitted. Please do not exit the form from this page, as we will only be able to amend completed entries.

I can’t check out because there is something in my basket

If you are told that there is something in your basket, you have either begun an event entry or membership renewal and closed your browser before checking out. You can empty your basket from the homepage by clicking on the basket icon in the blue banner across the top of the screen. You will need to exit the entry form in order to do this, and will then be able to start your entry again.

My card payment lost connections/did not complete the transation. I have tried to enter again but I am told I have already entered. What do I do?

If you lose connection whilst checking out or close the page for any reason, your booking is unlikely to be confirmed. It will only be confirmed if you receive your two confirmation e-mails. Your attempted booking will remain in your basket for around 1 hour after beginning the booking, although you may be unable to see it if you have already proceeded as far as the checkout page. Once this has timed out and your basket has reset, you will be able to begin your booking again.

Club Portal – SUPERteams and Relays

In a change to previous years, clubs are asked to name a pool of potential athletes when entering these team Track and Field Championships. The final competing team does not need to be confirmed until the day, as usual, but submitting a list of athletes in advance allows us to check memberships and age groups, and verify that all competing athletes are eligible to do so. This approach has worked well in cross country, and helps to ensure that medals are presented to the right athletes. All athletes must hold a valid scottishathletics membership for race-day when the entry is submitted. Some athletes may need to renew their membership in advance of its renewal date if they want to enter an event taking place after its expiry date.

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