Officials’ commission

The Officials’ Commission plays an essential role in the recruitment, development and training of officials, and also manages the appointments of officials to all track and field events.

Convenor: Margaret Brown
Margaret Ann MaclachlanVice Convenor: Margaret Ann MacLachlan
Brenda StephenSecretary: Brenda Stephen
Rob DalzielOfficials Co-Ordinator: Rob Dalziel
Alistair AitchisonTrack: Alistair Aitchison
Starter/Marksman (Interim): Andrew Minnis
Field: Joyce Rammell
Mike ForrestTimekeeper: Mike Forrest
Administration: Margaret McInally
Co-opted members:
Service to members representative: Position vacant
Liz WilderFacilities Committee representative: Liz Wilder
Margaret Ann MaclachlanHealth & Safety Group Representative: Margaret Ann MacLachlan
Track & Field representative: Kenny Marshall
Road and Cross Country representative: Position vacant


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