Officials’ commission

The Officials’ Commission plays an essential role in the recruitment, development and training of officials, and also manages the appointments of officials to all track and field events.


Officials Commission Minutes May 2020.doc
Officials Commission Minutes March 2020
Officials Commission Minutes November 2019
Officials Commission Minutes August 2019
Officials Commission Minutes May 2019
Officials Commission Minutes Feb 2019

Officials Commission Minutes Nov 2018


Convenor: Margaret Brown
Margaret Ann MaclachlanVice Convenor: Margaret Ann MacLachlan
Brenda StephenSecretary: Brenda Stephen
Rob DalzielOfficials Co-Ordinator: Rob Dalziel
Alistair AitchisonTrack: Alistair Aitchison
Starter/Starter's Assistant: Alister Cameron
Field: Joyce Rammell
Timekeeper Head of Discipline: Jason Pender
Photofinish: Dave Finlayson
Administration: Margaret McInally
Co-opted members:
Service to members representative: Position vacant
Liz WilderFacilities Committee representative: Liz Wilder
Margaret Ann MaclachlanHealth & Safety Group Representative: Margaret Ann MacLachlan
Track & Field representative: Richard O’Grady
Road and Cross Country representative: Position vacant
Officials recruitment and development office: Shona Malcolm


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