Beyond level 1

To progress beyond Level 1, you need to gain more experience in your chosen discipline. You will need a minimum of ten experiences, working with a more experienced official, to proceed to Level 2.

Click on the image below to see an enlarged version of the Officials Pathway. You can also download the full Officials Pathway – Track and Field Athletics document (11 page pdf).


Officials Pathway

You will need to submit:

  • Your completed annual record of experience (which you can download below)
  • A completed application form – from your log book or downloadable below
  • A completed set of the discipline-specific questions included on the CD you were given when you completed your Level 1 course.

These should be sent to the relevant peer group head, as listed below:

Admin – Margaret McInally
Endurance – Marjory Cook
Field – Joyce Rammell
Photo Finish – Timekeeping Mike Forrest
Starter Marksman – Dave Biggin
Track – Alistair Aitchison

For upgrading report forms for individual disciplines, see relevant sections of the Officials’ Toolkit.


Logbook Questions – L2 – April 2010
Download – Officials Structure from 1st April 2016
Download Application for Accredita~nty – 2B Official[1]
Download Application for Accredita~Regional Official[1]
Download Application for accreditation at Level 3 2015
Download Application for Accreditation Club
Download Level 3 Questions Field 2015
Download Level 3 Questions Photo Finish 2015
Download Level 3 Questions Starters and Starters’ Assistants 2015
Download Level 3 Questions Timekeeping 2015
Download Level 3 Questions Track Judge 2015
Guidelines for assessing Level 3 2015



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