Officials’ reward scheme

Following the Officials’ Commission meeting in November 2016 it was agreed that a reward scheme would be effective for all officials from January 2017. The details of the scheme are confirmed below.

UKA Level One Official & Licensed Assistant Officials

Mileage expenses for championship meetings + a rule book every two years

UKA Level Two, Three & Four Officials

£30 kit/equipment allowance + mileage expenses for championship meetings

The criteria to be applied in order for each official to qualify for the allowance is a minimum of 15 meetings per year, 6 of which must be scottishathletics championships

In addition to the above, Starters would have their gun licence renewed (every 5 years) and ammunition paid for. No further payment of a £5 fee would apply for scottishathletics  championship meetings for Starters.

The amount suggested above would be towards kit and equipment administered by the Officials’ Commission. A voucher scheme is being set up with a supplier and details of this will be notified to all officials early in 2017. The scheme will allow officials to purchase kit/equipment of their choice from the nominated supplier.

It should be acknowledged that scottishathletics are showing willing to recognise all officials on an annual basis and that the proposed package would equate to around £5-6K per annum.

Level 4 Upgrading

The Commission have given their approval for officials, who are successfully upgraded to Level 4 in any year, to automatically qualify to receive an IAAF Rule Book.

Lifetime Award Official Recognition

In addition the Commission have also agreed to award officials for lifetime achievement as follows:

5 year Service – bronze pin badge

10 year Service – silver pin badge

15 year Service – gold pin badge

20 year Service – glass paper weight

30 year Service – long service quaich

40 year Service – UKA lifetime achievement award

Officials currently in the system will be eligible to achieve the relevant award nearest the length of time already given to scottishathletics.

All officials will be asked (early in 2017) to indicate their length of commitment to athletics thus far in order to identify an appropriate award for each individual.




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