Level 1 Endurance

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Who should go on this course?

Anyone who wishes to work as an Official at Road and Cross-Country events

What will I learn?

  • What we mean by endurance
  • To understand the skills, knowledge, experience and aptitude of Endurance Officials
  • What equipment an endurance official will need to bring to an event
  • What the different areas of an endurance race are:
    • The Start
    • The Course
    • The Finish
  • To understand an endurance official’s roles, including:
      • Sector Marshall
      • Race Referee
      • Start Director and Finish Director
      • Course Director
      • Judging and Recorder

Is there an assessment?

There isn’t an assessment but after the course candidates need to complete at least 4 competition experiences to be licensed and have completed a Risk Awareness for Endurance Officials course.

Self-taught modules are required for progressing to Level 2 and 3: Referee, Start Director and Course Director.

What do I do after the course?

  • Ensure you have uploaded your licence photo to the myAthletics portal (head shot on a white background).
  • Ensure you complete a PVG (Protection of Vulnerable Groups) application. Please contact Angie Sutherland and she will assist you with this.
  • Attend a minimum of 4 competition experiences and record on your accreditation form.
  • Email your Application for Accreditation form to shonamalcolm@scottishthletics.org.uk  for processing in order to receive your UKA Level 1 License.

For more information contact Shona Malcolm.

All courses will be delivered in an interactive practical and lecture setting.

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