Officials’ availability

Availability for Fixtures – Winter 2023/24


Off Track (Road and Cross Country Championships) (Click here for allocations for off track winter 2023/24)

It is now time to tell us your availability for the Winter 2023/24 season. To do this, please fill out the following google forms:

Track & Field
Off Track (Road and Cross Country Championships)

These forms, as well as recording your own personal details, have a list of meetings that are planned for the coming season. Please complete these at your earliest opportunity.

Once completed, please ensure you click the “submit” button at the foot of the form and receive a confirmation screen message on your browser. If you do not see the confirmation message on your browser please contact us to check.

Track and Field: Following the allocations process being completed, information will be circulated to all officials who have been allocated roles at any scottishathletics event. Availability collected for events hosted by other event organisers will be passed on to that event organiser who will contact officials directly.

Off Track: Availability responses received will be passed on to the conveners of each Championship who will contact officials directly.

It is fully realised that officials give up their time willingly and all the help given is very much appreciated. A special welcome will be extended to all our newer colleagues who may, erroneously, feel that they are not required for or qualified to work at scottishathletics events. Officials of all experience levels are welcome at all events.

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