Regional Development Days (RDD)

The Regional Development Days (RDD) form one part of the Event Group Projects (EGP).  More details on the EGP can be found on the Athletes/ Performance Development section of our website (Click Here).


Delivered at various locations across the country, the RDD offer an event group approach to coach development.


These CPD sessions are aimed at coaches, with any level of qualification, working with athletes in the U15 & U17 Age Groups who are looking to build their skills, knowledge and confidence.  To get the full benefit, coaches are encouraged to sign up for and attend the full series of workshops within their targeted Event Group across the winter.

To be eligible to attend coaches need to hold an active UKA coaching licence and be current scottishathletics Coach Members.


The RDD are delivered in the following areas, please click the links below to head to the Athletes/ Performance Development area of our website for more information on each.



Sprints & Hurdles


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