Leading athletics


3 hour workshop

Based on the Run, Jump and Throw concept, this workshop will give volunteers the basic knowledge of athletics and leadership.

It must be stressed that this is not a qualification, although it is certificated.

The workshop is designed to give an introduction to leading athletics activities for young / developing athletes. It aims to provide the theory of delivery whilst offering the attendee opportunities to lead activities from a range of task cards (which form part of the resource available following the workshop).

The practical sessions are initially tutor-led, however as much opportunity as possible should be given throughout the workshop for attendees to experience the key elements of leading for themselves.

Volunteers will be given a resource to use in the club or school setting that has detailed Task Cards that they should use under the supervision of a fully qualified coach.

Will be delivered in clubs/ schools at a time pre-arranged by the organisation. Delivered in one 3 hour workshop.

Resources: –
Hard copy of the task cards and lesson plans.
Age and Stage resource where appropriate.

Who is this workshop for?

14 years +

Parents and athletes with limited or no knowledge of athletics and coaching.

This is an introduction to athletics and can be delivered in clubs to potential or future coaches.

The workshop will allow clubs to train new volunteers, prior to putting them through a Coaching Assistant course. It will allow volunteers an opportunity to explore leading and give the clubs a chance to see if the volunteer is suitable to take the step into coaching.

Volunteers will be expected to deliver part of the session/ task card on course.

Volunteers should also be able to take part in the sessions, where appropriate.

Prerequisites and progression

Volunteers should be volunteering in the local club or be engaged in local authority programmes.

There must be a suitable supervising coach in both instances.

No prior qualification/ certificate needed.

Progression to Coaching Assistant and or Age and Stage workshop.

£300 per course, including all resources, up to 24 volunteers


To book a course, contact Alison Grey

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