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I am new to athletics, where do I start in terms of qualifications?

  • Athletics Leader is the first workshop for new people and is open to volunteers over the age of 14 years.
  • Coaching Assistant is the first of the qualifications, and is open to volunteers over 16 years.

I have been an International athlete as a junior and into my competitive career, do I need to start at the first level?

  • Yes, there is a need for all volunteers to start with the basics of coaching and understanding the coaching process, not only the technical side of the sport.

What is the Leading Athletics course?

  • A 3 hour course to allow attendees to lead activity set out in the resources, whilst being supervised by a fully qualified coach. (This is not a coaching qualification).

What is the Coaching Assistants Award?

  • A course that helps the new coaches explore how to coach, using the athletics events as the vehicle to up-skill the coaches.
  • This is the entry level qualification for coaches and each coach will be licensed by UKA.

I am 16 years of age, is there any limitation on the Coaching Assistant Course?

  • Yes, until you reach the age or 18 years, you should be directly supervised by a fully qualified coach during your delivery.
  • Once 18, the normal licensing rules apply, you can lead sessions or parts of sessions whilst the lead coach is in the venue.
    • The lead coach should plan and set the sessions being delivered.

I already have a Coaching Assistant Award, what is my next step?

  • There are two options:
    • Coaching track and field athletics – Athletics Coach
    • Coaching endurance events off-track – Coach in Running Fitness
      • The award is for coaches who are working with athletes over 12 years of age.

What do I need to do to become qualified as an Athletics Coach or Coach in Running Fitness?

  • Attend all course contact days and online modules (if applicable) – the final contact day is a practical assessment
  • Complete the Online Knowledge Test

What is involved in completing the Event Group qualification?

  • Each Event Group is split into sections, sub-sections and multiple choice questionnaires.
  • At the end of all subsections there are questions that need to be answered in order to pass that section.
  • Once all sections have been competed, you must attend an integration day to complete the qualification.
  • scottishathletics will run these annually in the autumn.

What steps are required to receive your licence?

  • Complete Safeguarding in Athletics as required (this is provided for entry level qualification and provided additionally for the coach qualifications as part of your course booking)
  • PVG/Self Declaration check completed
  • Suitable passport photo submitted to your profile
  • Your licence will be issued when all relevant requirements have been completed.

How do I book on to a course?

  • Find a suitable course on our coaching qualifications page
  • Complete the booking process via Athletics Hub
  • Please note that no place will be confirmed until all of the above has been completed.

What are the costs of the courses?

  • Athletics Leaders 14 years+ £300 per course (max of 24)
  • Coaching Assistant 16 years+ £215, including coach membership of £25 for three years.
  • Athletics Coach 18 years+ £435
  • Coach in Running Fitness 18 years+ £435
  • Event Group Coach 18 years+ £75 online; £75 integration day

Where can I look for funding available for courses?

  • Sport Scotland Subsidy (for further information) click here
  • Local Authority Funds
  •  Local Sports Council Grant Aid
  •  Awards for All
  •  Local Athletics Club
  •  Community Sports Hubs

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