Obtaining or Renewing your Leader/ Coach Licence – Guides

In order to maintain your insurance to operate as a Leader or a Coach you will need to ensure that your licence is up to date.

Please note that each licence has a slightly different process so it is important that you follow the correct steps.

Whether you have just signed up to complete your first course or are looking to renew an existing licence, you can use the relevant pages in the left hand menu to access a step by step guide to completing the process.  These steps support the information provided in your licence renewal email.

Please be aware that the process can take up to 8 weeks to be completed with a further 4 weeks for licence production and dispatch.

Need to check which licence steps are outstanding?

Our guidance document provides information and screenshots to help you identify which steps are not yet complete.  

Click here to download our guidance document 

Other important documents and guidance for Coaches and Leaders, including the licence terms & conditions, information on Frist Aid and the codes of practice and can be found on the orange tab on the left (Link Here).

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What is a PVG/ Self Declaration?

Completing the relevant background check is an essential part of the licence process and must be completed every 3 years aligned with the licence renewal process.

Full details of the check that you have to complete for your licence can be found in the steps outlined in the relevant page in the left hand menu.

Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG)

Membership of the PVG scheme is a requirement for any role that involves regulated work with children or protected adults.

As a PVG is not transferable between organisations, you must complete an update PVG linked to your club or to Scottish Athletics.

As part of our commitment to safeguarding and safeguarding standards we ask everyone who carries out a role where a PVG check is a requirement to renew their certificate every 3 years.

Self Declaration

Self Declarations provide an initial opportunity for applicants to disclose to the scottishathletics any previous convictions or relevant investigations they were subject of and which would be relevant to a recruitment decision.

Note – In Scotland, as Leaders are not licensed to work with children (U18s) or protected adults they will always complete a Self Declaration.

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What is Mandatory Training?

Safeguarding and First Aid (imbedded in new courses and applied to all renewals from 1st April 2023) are the two elements of Mandatory Training required for licensing.

The requirements differ depending on your licence and coaching environment, to ensure that you complete the correct courses for you, please ensure that you have read all guidance and follow the links in your renewal email.

More information on Mandatory Training is available on the UKA website – https://www.uka.org.uk/coaching/licencing-faqs/

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