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As outlined in our recently refreshed strategy, Building a Culture of Success, scottishathletics has a clear commitment to improving equality, diversity and inclusion across the coaching community in Scotland.  An essential element to this is the investment and support offered to clubs to assist them in the delivery of targeted projects and the ongoing recruitment, deployment and retention of coaches.

scottishathletics has been successful in our application to sportscotland, securing subsidy investment towards coach members accessing coach level education courses. 

As with previous years, subsidy investment is available towards the course cost of either the Athletics Coach or Coach in Running Fitness Award (full course cost at time of emailing – £435).  Approval of subsidy will be through an application process and is subject to the subsidy conditions.

Our revised approach aligns with sportscotlands 2023/24 subsidy approach which places a focus on reducing barriers and increasing access to education. Further details on the sportscotland subsidy approach can be found on their website

Full information has been shared with all scottishathletics affiliated club secretaries.  If you are not aligned with a club, please contact for further information.

Coach Education Course Programme –


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Subsidy Criteria

Built on our knowledge of the current coaching workforce in athletics, our application focussed on increasing access to education courses by prioritising individual subsidy support for/ to the following:

  • those who live in Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation Quintile 1&2
  • those from ethnically and culturally diverse communities
  • those living with a disability
  • those living in remote or Island communities with an identified need for coaches
  • those aged 18-35 – data shows that there is a reduction in the number of coaches under the age of 35
  • Females – female coaches are underrepresented in coach level qualifications
Subsidy Conditions

To be eligible to receive the coaching subsidy, in addition to the criteria outlined above, applicants must also meet/ agree to the following conditions at the time of submitting a subsidy application:

  • Be actively coaching or leading activity for/ with scottishathletics members or with a registered jogscotland group.
  • Be booked (or in the process of booking onto) an eligible course starting between 1st August 2023 and 31 March 2024.
  • Have the subsidy confirmed ten days before the course start date through the completion and approval of the application form.
  • Have an up to date scottishathletics ‘coach’ membership*.
  • Hold an in date UKA (scottishathletics as of 1st October 2023) Coach Licence.
  • Completion of all relevant monitoring information during course booking and as requested subsequently.
  • Attend all course dates and satisfactorily complete all relevant course work within the denoted time limit(s) as outlined in the course booking terms and conditions.

*scottishathletics Coach membership costs £25 for three years. This membership is in addition other memberships that we provide.  Further details can be found here –

Application Process
  1. Identify an eligible course (Athletics Coach or Coach in Running Fitness):
  2. Check your eligibility against criteria and conditions.
  3. If you meet the criteria and conditions you can request the subsidy application form from
  4. Complete and submit the subsidy application form.
  5. Receive a decision from SA on subsidy award.
  6. If successful, you will receive a unique code to apply during the booking process.
  7. Proceed with course bookings as per the usual process.

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