Club Together

The Club Together partnership project is a key part of the scottishathletics National Club Development Programme.

It is a simple scheme which involves the club, scottishathletics and local partners jointly investing to fund and employ, normally a part-time Club Together project post, to help the club develop and improve. Ultimately the aim is to increase participation and improve athlete performances within clubs, however, the aims of each post are determined by the needs of each individual club.

As of 2023 there are 23 scottishathletics affiliated clubs part of the project with 33 different roles. This equates to 530 hours per week of club development time.

Since Club Together was first launched in 2011, it is clear that the programme has been a success – with an average 73% growth in the membership of participating clubs and an average annual retention rate of 83% of new members.

Dedicated club volunteers working alongside Club Together staff and committed partners has been an effective combination that has helped to provide many benefits including membership and volunteer growth alongside enhancements to club infrastructure. Club Together has helped to shape other areas of club and athletics development – governance and management, coaching & officials recruitment and development, competition, facilities, inclusive athletics, equality, community and school links and marketing/communication.

The programme has led to stronger partnership working between scottishathletics and clubs in general as well as stronger alliances with local partners – Club Together has been a focal point to draw partners together.

Any clubs who would be interested in joining the project should contact your relevant National Club Manager.

Club Together Annual Report 22 – 23
Scottish Athletics Club Together Guidance

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