Club together

Established in 2011, the Club Together partnership project is a key part of the scottishathletics National Club Development Programme.

It is a simple scheme which involves the club, scottishathletics and local partners jointly investing to fund and employ, normally a part-time Club Together project post, to help the club develop and improve. Ultimately the aim is to increase participation and improve athlete performances within clubs, however, the aims of each post are determined by the needs of each individual club.

On average, growth in membership at participating clubs involved in the project is 65%, over their time in the project, and membership retention is 83% over the past 12 months. There are currently 26 clubs involved in the project with a total of 32 Club Together posts.

Any clubs who wish to be considered for joining the project should contact your relevant National Club Manager. –

How Club Together works

Club Together is a partnership. Partnerships mean all partners gain from the efforts and the relationship. The key partners in the project include:

  • The athletics club
  • scottishathletics
  • The local authority/leisure trust (representing education/schools, sports development / community development)

Criteria to be achieved prior to consideration for investment:

  • Affiliation to scottishathletics
  • A clear club structure in place and communicated to all club members
  • The club demonstrates a willingness to develop and a readiness to embrace change

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