Club Committee Role Specific Training

scottishathletics are delighted to launch our new Club Committee Role Specific Training programme.

If you missed our launch webinar, you can access this here (using passcode 7u%CE74k)

Club Committee Role Specific Training is a suite of resources for the key committee positions that will help club volunteers to better understand the role they are undertaking. These role will also support clubs to recruit volunteers into key office bearing roles, and help to alleviate any anxiety they may have about the skills, duties, and expectations of each role.

As well as a suite of resources, the Club Committee Role Specific Training programme will host education and networking webinars for each committee position each quarter. This will support new volunteers with education and advice on each role, and will also give existing, established volunteers a chance to network and share best practice.

You can access the documents via the links below:




Welfare Officer

General Committee Member

Alongside the guidance document for each key position, there is:

If you’d like to discuss these resources further, or find out about the next scheduled training sessions, please contact your National Club Manager, or drop us an email at

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