How to Affiliate

scottishathletics welcomes applications for membership from new clubs who wish to make a positive contribution towards the sport of athletics in Scotland.

There is a procedure in place for considering new applications which is designed to ensure that successful applicants will enhance the provision of athletics in this country. It will also help new clubs to consider some important questions about the type and quality of activities that they wish to provide. They must also demonstrate inclusivity, equality and integration within the local community.

Recreational running groups, particularly larger groups, might find it beneficial to become an affiliated scottishathletics club. There are many benefits of being affiliated. If you are considering this for your group, start by following these steps:

  1. Read the scottishathletics Affiliation Policy.
  2. Read the Basic Needs of an affiliated club page.
  3. Read the Affiliation FAQs.
  4. Review the Club Affiliation Form
  5. Visit the Safeguarding page of the website. Your club must adopt the documents from the first three sections of this page – Child safeguarding, Adult safeguarding, and Codes of conduct.
  6. Contact our National Club Manager, Lindsay McMahon, to discuss the completion and submission of the application form.

Any application form for affiliation to scottishathletics will be considered by the Board before being approved.

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