Social media guidelines

Being active on social media offers a fantastic opportunity to share the excitement and challenges of your sporting life with the rest of the athletics community. Social media should be used with common sense however, and this is particularly important for athletes whose public profile is increasing.

We have no desire to control what athletes do online. But we can help you think about the possible advantages and pitfalls offered by social media as your career goes from strength to strength. We recommend that you download and read our Social-Media-and-Digital-Guidelines-for-Athletes – (updated February 2023) to help you consider the best ways to build a positive online profile.

This guide contains suggestions, not hard and fast rules. If you read nothing else in it, bear the following two questions in mind when you post anything online:

1. Would you say this in front of your parents or grandparents?

2. Would you say this to journalists at a press conference, sitting next to your coach?

If the answer to either question is no, think very carefully before posting. Just about everything you say online could eventually be read by anyone, including your grandmother or the editors of tomorrow morning’s tabloids.

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