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If you are an athlete who would like to change club:

If you experience any issues that cannot be answered using the FAQs below, please contact our Membership Administrator

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I am an unattached member of scottishathletics can I compete in scottishathletics Track & Field or Cross Country championships?

Yes, but you can only compete as an unattached athlete for one year. After 12 months you are required to join an affiliated athletics club to be eligible to compete.

Does this include all disciplines?

No, this does not apply to scottishathletics championships in Road, Hill or Trail Events where athletes can remain unattached if they compete solely in events in these disciplines.

I am leaving my current club but do not intend to join another club. Can I go back to being an unattached athlete?

If you intend to compete in scottishathletics Track & field or Cross-Country Championships, or other Track & Field competitions you must become a member of another club. If you are competing only in open (mass participation) off track events, then you can compete as unattached.

I left my old club three years ago (or more) and have not represented them in that time. Do I need to complete the change of club process?

No. Please contact scottishathletics to update your record.

I have moved to university. Can I compete for my university team?

Yes. Please contact scottishathletics so that we can update your membership portal. You can then choose to compete for either the university, or the home club you are still a member of, whilst studying. Once you leave university, please let us know so we can update your record. This is the same for affiliated School Clubs.

I have joined a second club for training purposes. Do I need to complete a form?

No. Please contact scottishathletics to update your record. The new club will be regarded as your Second Claim Club. You can compete for them only in events which state you are allowed to.

I have completed a change of first claim club form but missed the deadline for approval. When can I start competing for my new club?

You can compete as an individual for your new club right away, but you cannot count as part of a team until your club change has been approved. It is your responsibility to make the organiser aware that you are competing as an individual. Once the change has been confirmed, you can compete for the new club in team competition.

Can I still compete for my old club until the Change of Club has been approved?

Yes, but only if you are still a paid-up member and have not resigned.

Can my club delay my Change of Club?

Your change of club will be official when the Change of Club process has been completed, and your old club has approved the move. If your old club does not respond within 10 days of the Change of Club request being submitted, the change will automatically be approved.

I am a first claim member of a Non-Scottish Club, how do I change to a Scottish Club first claim.

Contact for more information.

Will Power of 10 be notified of my Change of Club?

Yes. scottishathletics will regularly update Power of 10 of any changes.

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