Major championships teaching resources

Throughout each year there are a variety of different athletics Championship events delivered around the world. We are delighted to launch our student resource booklet for schools across Scotland. The resource is targeted primarily at Primary 7 pupils but can be used for other age groups as teachers see fit. The student resource booklet is accompanied by a guidance booklet for teachers offering ideas on some further opportunities for learning. The resource is generic and can be used for any athletics championship.

The resources have been developed with support from Glasgow Life and Glasgow’s PEPASS team to help pupils learn more about athletics and the countries who compete in these events. In the student resource booklet pupils will:

  • Research athletes, countries and equipment involved in any Athletics Championships;
  • Find out about competing countries and their history in the sport of athletics;
  • Learn about researching and writing articles on a country and/or a famous athlete.

Major Athletics Event Activity Booklet for Students
Major Athletics Event Activity Booklet for Teachers

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