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Sunday 4th July 2021

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scottishathletics land Advanced Standard Level Equality for Sport

scottishathletics established the Equality and Diversity Advisory Group in May 2018.

At that time, three members were recruited initially to help guide us on equality issues – Xabier Cid, John Owens and Noanie Heffron

Following the successful achievement of the Advanced Standard Level Equality for Sport in July 2019, an additional four members joined the group at the beginning of 2020.

The group consists of members from a variety of backgrounds, experience and perspectives, who are passionate about equality and committed to pursuing it within athletics.

Their remit is to provide advice and guidance on all equality matters to the organisation as a whole, and particularly to our equality working group and board members.

Despite only being able to hold the quarterly meetings virtually the last 16 months, the group have continued to be actively involved and have provided invaluable support to our Equalities Officer, Francesca Snitjer, and Board Equality Champion, Jill O’Neil.

Recent support has included advice on the revised Equality Guidance for Clubs, which will be communicated to clubs in the coming months, and guidance on effective tracking and data monitoring across various roles within the sport.

Regular updates on the work of the Group are communicated at scottishathletics Board Meetings.

Our thanks to the Group for their continued hard work and support.

The members are:

Xabier Cid, Alasdair Donaldson, Zaffir Hakim, Noanie Heffron, John Owens, Graeme Stewart, Karen Wallace

Full biographies on the group can be found on our website.

The meetings are Chaired by Francesca Snitjer and attended by Jill O’Neil and chief executive Colin Hutchison.

*The latest edition of Athletics Inclusive is now out, the quarterly update on inclusion activites across the UK and all four Home Countries. The update features news of several scottishathletics activities, including:

To read more, download the Athletics Inclusive 2021 Q2 Bulletin

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