scottishathletics land Advanced level in Equality Standard for Sport

Saturday 21st September 2019

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Our Equality Report full Submission

scottishathletics are delighted to confirm that we have been awarded the Advanced Level Status in the Equality Standard for Sport.

It’s a huge compliment to us both as a governing body and the wider sport in Scotland with the decision reached following on-going consultation and assessments.

Three years ago scottishathletics were awarded with the Intermediate level and indeed assessors have confirmed that it is extremely rare for a governing body to move so quickly to Advanced level status.

A wide range of staff, Board members and volunteers were involved in our submissions to the panel of assessors with a key thread being that our education on equality is a continued process.

Leading the team with our reports was Equality Officer, Fran Snitjer, as well as contributions from our Chairman, Ian Beattie, and Board member, Sandra Frame, as well contributions from our Equality and Diversity Advisory Group.

Equality in Sport website

Fran Snitjer – Equality Officer led the scottishathletics team in report to assessors

Equality section on this website

Here’s what has now been said about scottishathletics from lead assessor, Lucy Faulkner, in her report.

‘Since achieving the Intermediate level of the Equality Standard for Sport, scottishathletics has consistently demonstrated advances in its equality work, and this has been sustained over a number of years.

‘In this time there have been leadership changes, including a change of CEO, yet the focus and commitment to equality has not wavered and has, indeed, grown in strength and understanding since then.

scottishathletics are making strides to be an organisation that operates at an unconscious competence level in relation to equality and this is evidenced in the approach taken by the Board at strategic leadership level and within the Executive team and staff.

‘They are modest and self-effacing about what they have achieved and are striving to ensure they continue to be sector and world-leading in what they do. They believe they have the leadership, commitment, structures and processes in place to deliver on their vision for equality and the underpinning strategic equality objectives.

‘During the work towards the Advanced level executive level staff have been actively engaged in the process as have the wider staff. They describe their journey as being on a continuum from “do we have to do it?” to equality being totally embedded and accepted through a process of gentle education.

‘The Board is proactive in demonstrating leadership around equality and have adopted equality impact assessments positively; they continue to scrutinise and challenge these and the Executive with regard to equality

‘Equality is a golden thread through the sport, and this is evidenced through the communications to clubs and the emphasis that is placed on equality through the regional network and down into the clubs.

‘Mainstreaming equality is a key principle of the Advanced level and scottishathletics can demonstrate clearly that equality is embedded, yet visible in their strategy, operational and departmental plans and individual work programmes.

‘It has been a pleasure and a privilege to work with scottishathletics on the Advanced level of the Equality standard for Sport and I wish them continued success in their equality work.’

Men and Women run equal distance in all scottishathletics XC events with this picture showing the 1-2-3 at the Lindsays National XC in February after women raced over 10k


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