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Sunday 20th June 2021

What is Changing Lives? Info on sportscotland website

scottishathletics are pleased to launch a new club development programme – entitled #ontherighttrack.

The programme will be led by National Club Manager Francis Smith and we would like to invite all interested clubs to attend a virtual information evening.

#ontherighttrack will focus on Changing Lives Through Sport and we are keen for individuals to sign-up and then ultimately give feedback to their club.

Participating clubs will be supported to establish, develop and integrate a Changing Lives mindset and approach.

Our online information evening (via Zoom) is taking place on Wednesday 7 July from 7pm.

What is Changing Lives?

A Changing Lives approach to sport is all about intention.

We know that the benefits for participating in athletics and running (and all sports and physical activity) are significant; namely, improved physical and mental health, and enhanced social connections.

For some people, these benefits are the reason for participation; for others, they are an additional bonus of doing a sport that they love.

A Changing Lives approach and mindset moves the focus away from the sport and onto the participant. With this mindset, clubs and coaches will intentionally use running/athletics to improve the lives of people and/or their community.

Why is Changing Lives important?

As we move out of the Covid-19 pandemic, we will all be getting use to engaging with our sports in a different way.

We also recognise that there are large groups of people that we previously did not engage with that could benefit from participating in our sport.

In 2019, sportscotland launched their new corporate strategy ‘Sport For Life’.

For the first time in Scotland, sport is no longer in a silo, doing sport for sports sake. There is now a greater focus on how sport can influence the national health, education, transport and environmental agendas.

A Changing Lives approach and mindset recognises the power of sport has in its ability to change people’s lives, and to positively impact their communities.

By adopting a Changing Lives approach, we will be in a better position to make a greater impact on more people in our communities. Ultimately making our clubs more diverse, inclusive and sustainable.

What is the #ontherighttrack Programme?

Following the information evening, clubs will be invited to sign up to #ontherighttrack.

Over six months or so, this will involve:

*Monthly #ontherighttrack meetings with other clubs to discuss Changing Lives tools, techniques and activities that can be applied to develop their Changing Lives approach.

*Direct support from a/the scottishathletics Changing Lives Champion through your NCM to develop a Changing Lives approach.

*Invitations to meet and listen to individuals, clubs and community organisations who demonstrate the Changing Lives mindset.

National Club Manager Francis Smith will lead on this new development programme

Information Evening

Our information evening will allow us to explain our perspective on the Changing Lives mindset/approach and give further information on the #onthetrighttrack

If you would like more information, please contact your NCM


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