Joma leisurewear items on sale online #SALbelong!

Sunday 10th March 2019

The three leisurewear items created by Joma and with navy side panel on the main blue section

Joma Sport deal extended to 2022

scottishathletics are delighted to offer for sale retail leisurewear – for the first time!

The clothing is being produced by our kit suppliers Joma Sport with Total Teamwear Ltd (TTL) to handle the sales on behalf of ourselves and Joma.

Initially there will be a choice of three leisurewear items on offer – Hoodie, T-shirt and a Zip Top.

And these three items, in a range of sizes, are now available online.

Online sales

And we’re delighted that a first, limited consignment of these items was on sale at a stand at the Lindsays National XC at Callendar Park on Falkirk.

One distinctive feature of the leisurewear is the wording on the back of each item #SALbelong which is part of our current scottishathletics Believe Belong Achieve Together branding.

The prices for the three on-sale items – which come in two sizes – are as follows:

Kids T-shirt £16.50

Adults T-shirt £18.60

Kids Hoodie £29.20

Adults Hoodie £33.40

Kids ½ Zip Top £23.80

Adults ½ Zip Top £26.50

It should be stressed that while this Joma retail leisurewear closely resembles our Scotland kit . . . it is not the same.

We do feel international kit should be earned and is an honour for both athletes and also coaches/team management involved in international matches and should therefore remain slightly different in style.


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