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Performance support

Performance is one of the core pillars of Perform When it Counts, the scottishathletics strategy. The overall objective of the performance pillar is to provide a well-structured and clear pathway for Scottish athletes and coaches, including talent identification and talent development.

We will work in partnership with British Athletics and sportscotland Institute of Sport (SIS) and indirectly (via CG cycles) with Commonwealth Games Scotland in working towards achieving the following aims:

  • Scottish athletes in the World Rankings (top 8) annually
  • Medals at every European Championships & Commonwealth Games
  • A minimum of 9 per cent of Team GB team representation at European Championships, World Championships and Olympic Games
  • Medal(s) to be won at every Olympics/Paralympic Games

Our Role

Whilst Scotland remains constituently, a part of the United Kingdom, we are clear that our role in performance terms is to provide a constant and steady stream of Scottish athletes onto the UK Athletics Podium and Podium Potential programmes.

We will achieve this goal by focusing the main thrust of our efforts on creating the right environment for developing young athletes and those athletes operating at a Performance Foundations* level. We will also work closely with UK Athletics and the Scottish Institute of Sport to ensure that we provide appropriate levels of support to those Scottish Team GB athletes and their coaches living and training in Scotland.

*Performance Foundations refers to home country talent pathways where highly talented athletes are first identified, confirmed and prepared to meet the increased demands of the world class environment. Athletes at PF level have the potential to graduate to Podium Potential within 1-4 years.

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