Hill runners get back into action above Tillicoultry

Monday 24th May 2021

Andy Douglas claimed victory in a special Maddy Moss hill race organised by scottishathletics (photo by Pat Fitzpatrick)

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The scottishathletics Hill Running Commission set-up and staged a special edition of the Maddy Moss race, traditionally a Wednesday night event near Tillicoultry.

It was organised originally as a warm-up event for those athletes hoping to compete at the European Trials. Unfortunately, these were cancelled so the race was opened up at a late stage to all runners.

The race was started in two waves with all the men and MV40 in the first wave and the second wave containing the remainder of the field.

GB international Andy Douglas (Inverclyde) led from the gun climbing the Law then across to Ben Cleuch before descending over Andrew Gannel back to the start.

Rory Abernethy (Ochil HR) had a really strong climb to the summit of Ben Cleuch and held his second place to the finish. Ali McLeod (Ochil HR) had a brilliant descent to finish third, overtaking six runners on the long descent.

In the women’s race, Catriona Graves (Carneth HR) had a strong climb and led the way with clubmate Kirsty Dickson (Carnethy HRC) hot on her heels. Megan Crawford (Fife AC) came through on the descent to take third.

‘It was a small field (with a limit of 60) but it was great to bring hill running back and everyone had a smile on their face as they crossed the finish line,’ said Angela Mudge, Hill Running lead for scottishathletics.

‘I think the over-riding feeling was relief to get the first race of the season out of the way and looking forward to more.

‘Thanks to the marshals and the estate for letting us compete.’

Catriona Graves at the summit on her way to the win in the Women’s race (photo by Pat Fitzpatrick)



Name Club Cat Time
1 Andrew Douglas Inverclyde M 48.29
2 Rory Abernethy Ochil HR M 50.53
3 Alasdair McLeod Ochil HR M 51.29
4 John Yells Lochaber M 51.32
5 Ewan Brown Corstorphine AC M 51.58
6 Sam Tosh Carnethy HRC M 52.04
7 Kieran Cooper St Andrews uni M 52.52
8 Gregor Malcolm EUHH M 52.53
9 Blair Bennett Johnson Carnethy HRC M 53.28
10 Hamish Wolfe Carnethy HRC M 53.32
11 Sam Alexander Westies M 53.35
12 Ryan Stewart Shettleston M 54.50
13 Hamish Battle Aberdeen Metro M 55.04
14 Iain Maccorquodale Cambuslang Harriers M 56.17
15 Eliot Sedman Carnethy HRC MV40 56.37
16 Catriona Graves Carnethy HRC W 56.56
17 Jamie Braidwood u/a M 57.43
18 Gary Fraser Ochil HR MV50 58.21
19 Mark Cuthbertson Ochil HR MV50 59.25
20 Kirsty Dickson Carnethy HRC W 59.29
21 Del Young Westerlands CCC M 60.10
22 Des Crowe Penicuik Harriers MV60 60.35
23 Megan Crawford Fife AC W 60.55
24 Dave Allsop Kirkintilloch Olympians MV40 61.52
25 Georgia Tindley HBT W 62.06
26 Elizabeth Leason Carnethy HRC W 65.31
27 Claire Bruce Aberdeen Metro W 66.08
28 Paul Hammond PH Racing M 66.17
29 Pippa Carcas EdinburghAC WU20 66.43
30 Julliet Downs EUHH W 67.21
31 Frank Townley Woking AC MU20 67.50
32 Rodrigo Reis Shettleston MV40 68.14
33 Harry Gilmore Carnethy HRC MV50 68.20
34 David Downey Dunblane Runners MV50 68.23
35 Andrew Hine u/a M 68.48
36 Mark Wheeler Hamilton Harriers MV40 70.54
37 Don Reid Westerlands CCC MV60 71.04
38 David Cowan Fife AC MV50 71.05
39 Alice Goodall EUHH W 71.29
40 Paul Dudchenko Linlithgow AC MV50 72.13
41 Rebecca Morris Five Star Active W 73.21
42 David Mason Linlithgow AC MV50 73.37
43 Owen O’Neill Westerlands CCC M 74.32
44 Jacques Penderis Westerlands CCC MV50 75.12
45 Isobel Finlay Ochil HR W 76.06
46 Robbie Ingram u/a M 76.46
47 Lisa Blackley u/a W 77.19
48 Juliane Friedrich Penicuik Harriers W 78.28
49 Laurie Anderson Lomond HR MV60 78.44
50 Iain Simpson Lomond HR MV50 78.49
51 Trevor Galloway Linlithgow AC MV50 79.46
52 Chris McCallum Wee County Harriers MV40 82.00
53 Murdo Macleod Westerlands CCC MV60 83.14
54 Davy Duncan Ochil HR MV60 84.11
55 Russ Valentine Falkland Trail Runners MV50 86.15
56 Lee Cessford Falkland Trail Runners MV40 86.26



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