4J Studios SUPERteams will head for Aberdeen in June

Friday 14th May 2021

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scottishathletics are pleased to confirm that the latest edition of the 4J Studios SUPERteams will take place on Saturday 19 June at Aberdeen Sports Village.

This popular event sees athletes from across Scotland in the U12 age group completing four athletics events – a run, a jump, a throw and a relay – to score points for their club.

Athletes will compete in teams of four (four girls or four boys), with points scored in each of the individual events contributing to the team total. Medals are presented to the top three teams in each gender.

*Clubs should submit entries online through the club portal.

*Final teams of four will be confirmed at declarations on the day of the event, but clubs should register any athlete who they may wish to attend on their entry, as their final teams will be selected from this entry list.

*All athletes entering must hold an up to date membership of scottishathletics valid for the competition date and be at least nine years old on the day to participate in SUPERteams.

*Athletes must have been born between 01/09/09 and 19/06/2012 to be eligible.

Due to venue capacity restrictions on the day, clubs can enter a maximum of two girls teams and two boys teams initially. This helps us to ensure that as many clubs as possible have the opportunity to be represented at the event.

However, priority for additional spaces will be given to the top-performing clubs in May’s Virtual SUPERteams Challenge.

Clubs can still sign up to and participate in the virtual event throughout May.

Each participating team should also be accompanied by a team manager/volunteer throughout the event. This could be a club coach, parent helper or other volunteer. They should be named at declarations on the day and will accompany their team around each of their events.

The team manager/volunteer will be asked to assist officials with simple event duties at each station, but no prior knowledge of athletics is required. As it is anticipated that spectator access will be limited, this also provides a great opportunity for parents to watch their children compete!

Entries will open on Monday 17 May and will close at midnight on Thursday 3 June 2021.

Athletes and parents can find out more about the event on the Event section page

And clubs can access their Club Portal to complete their entries here: https://saclubportal.sportserve.net/

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