Tom Stillie Award winners and our HLMs – overall lists up-dated

Wednesday 20th January 2021

Allan Wells pictured at our Annual Awards a couple of years ago (photo by Bobby Gavin)

History section of our website

Did you know that Allan Wells was the first recipient of the Tom Stillie Award?

In fact, sprint legend Allan won this particular trophy in both 1979 and 1981 – the years before and after his famous Olympic 100m gold medal in Moscow.

Just a couple of gems from the History section of our website where there a whole host of important details and statistics are lodged.

Updating this section is a key task and, with the assistance of our resident Historian, Arnold Black, we have recently brought up to date two particular sections of interest.

The Tom Stillie Sword is presented each year at our Annual Awards and the 2020 winners were Dave Lothian and Drew Stevenson of Falkirk Victoria Harriers.

Dave and Drew were recognised in this instance for their superb work in setting up the course for the Lindsays National XC  – with the weather a huge challenge in February of last year and a complete ‘re-design’ required in the final days before a highly successful event took place in appalling conditions.

Check out the full list of Tom Stillie Award winners on the relevant page

Moira Maguire, Joyce Wighton and Dave Finlayson are recent additions to our HLM lists

Three Honorary Life Memberships are agreed by our AGM

Honorary Life Memberships of scottishathletics are celebrated at the Annual Awards each year – but the nominations have to be agree via the Annual General Meeting by club representatives.

The 2020 AGM was held online in a virtual meeting and we were pleased to confer HLM status on three long-standing and dedicated Officials: Davie Finlayson, Moira Maguire and Joyce Wighton.

We have now duly added their names to the Honorary Life Membership ‘roll’ which started way back in 1992 under the auspices of the Scottish Athletics Federation.

Check out the full list of our HLM recipients on the relevant page

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