Thank You! Our sport’s debt of gratitude to Officials

Tuesday 14th September 2021

Officials Courses

The 4J National Relays at Linwood last weekend brought the curtain down on a track and field season which saw the welcome return of National Championship action.

scottishathletics were delighted to stage these events again – after many issues in 2020 which restricted us to some Open Graded events with limited numbers.

These would not have been possible, however, without a huge contribution from our qualified Officials and many other volunteers.

Here is a ‘Thank You’ message from us to you . . .

‘Thank you for officiating at this Summer’s scottishathletics national events.

‘These competition would not be possible without all of the volunteers who make sure everything runs smoothly on the day, from experienced graded officials to newcomers gaining their first officiating experiences.

‘None of us knew what to expect from this season, with significant restrictions still in place across Scotland early in the summer.

‘Thank you all for continuing to support our events, and for following the procedures put in place for everyone’s safety.

Photo by Bobby Gavin

‘Events are not possible without the dedication and enthusiasm of volunteer officials, and we are particularly thankful to all of you who came out to officiate under this year’s challenging circumstances.

‘Looking forwards, details of October’s training day for Officials will be available soon; shortlisted nominees for the scottishathletics Technical Official of the Year award will be announced over the coming days; and availability for the Winter season will soon be requested.

‘Don’t forget to send your record of experience for this year to your discipline head as soon as you can too!

‘As the Summer season draws to a close, there is still plenty going on and we hope to see you all again soon.’

Ally, Caitlin and Shona

The scottishathletics Events Team


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