Why we’re looking for National Community Impact Officer

Thursday 7th September 2023

We are always pleased to promote new opportunities to work in athletics, via our Jobs in Athletics pages.

scottishathletics is currently recruiting for a National Community Impact Officer, to help our work to  improve diversity in the sport and contribute towards health and wellbeing nationally.

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One of the biggest changes to our newly launched strategy is to the fifth key pillar – ‘Community Impact & Health’. The vision and ambition of this strategic pillar has significantly increased.

Through our annual collection of diversity data across the sport, we know that the membership of scottishathletics exhibits significant underrepresentation from certain communities when compared with the representation of these communities in the Scottish population. Our three main areas of underrepresentation are:

  • People who live in poverty and have a low income
  • People from ethnically and culturally diverse communities
  • People living with a disability

The role of National Community Impact Officer will be to identify potential participants from these communities, understand and remove any real or perceived barriers to participation, and offer a range of participation opportunities to increase their mental and physical health and wellbeing.

The National Community Impact Officer will support the recruitment of Local Community Impact Leaders.

This Community Impact Team will strive to widen access to physical activity to our underrepresented communities, increasing their physical and mental health and wellbeing, and ultimately empowering everyone to achieve their own personal success in the athletics and recreational running in Scotland.

The closing date is noon on Friday 29 September 2023.



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