Join us on Wednesday for first webinar #ontherightrack

Sunday 4th July 2021

Francis Smith is leading our #ontherighttrack development programme over the next few months 

What is Changing Lives? Info on sportscotland website

scottishathletics are pleased to launch a new club development programme – entitled #ontherighttrack.

The programme will be led by National Club Manager Francis Smith and we would like to invite all interested clubs to attend a virtual information evening.

#ontherighttrack will focus on Changing Lives Through Sport and we are keen for individuals to sign-up and then ultimately give feedback to their club. Participating clubs will be supported to establish, develop and integrate a Changing Lives mindset and approach.

Our online information evening (via Zoom) is taking place on Wednesday 7 July from 7pm. Email invitations have been sent to club secretaries.

What is Changing Lives?

A Changing Lives approach to sport is all about intention.

We know that the benefits for participating in athletics and running (and all sports and physical activity) are significant; namely, improved physical and mental health, and enhanced social connections.

For some people, these benefits are the reason for participation; for others, they are an additional bonus of doing a sport that they love.

A Changing Lives approach and mindset moves the focus away from the sport and onto the participant. With this mindset, clubs and coaches will intentionally use running/athletics to improve the lives of people and/or their community.

More detailed article here


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