Inclusive Athletics online session; Virtual Pentathlon results

Saturday 31st October 2020

Photo by Bobby Gavin

Sign-up here for Inclusive Athletics on November 4

scottishathletics and Scottish Disability Sport are delivering another Inclusive Athletics workshop early next month.

The online session is coming up on Wednesday 4 November from 7pm to 8.30pm.

It is free to attend and there are still a few remaining places.

This is the third of these sessions and we’d like to thank all those folk getting involved and learning more about coaching Para athletes and integrating training at our clubs.

Pamela Robson, our National Disability Pathway Officer, and Richard Brickley, will lead the session.

The workshop will aim to:

*Identify techniques for inclusive practice

*Identify potential challenges to participation and possible solutions

*Demonstrate the importance of effective communication in inclusive practice

*Identify sources of additional information

For more information or to register contact 0131 317 1130 or email

Headshot of Pamela Robson

Pamela Robson, National Disability Pathway Officer for scottishathletics


Scottish Disability Sport and scottishathletics have been holding their first Virtual Pentathlon over recent weeks for Para athletes.

Well done to the many Scottish Para athletes and their families and coaches for taking part.

In fact, around 500 athletes in all from various disciplines competed and posted performances which are now logged online.

Results are available via this link to the SDS website




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