Event Specific Series – 2018 programme

Sunday 4th March 2018

National Event Specific GP

It has been agreed to deliver the inaugural National Event Specific Grand Prix Series for Scotland commencing in the spring of 2018.

The series will recognise individual athlete performances, club performances and club participation across track and field event disciplines and provide an alternative to traditional league competition as well as catering for more athletes across a wider range of abilities.

There has been a significant interest in the series with a great deal of feedback throughout the consultation phase.

Our Working Group has tried to incorporate as many suggestions as possible but will review again on the completion of the 2018 series with a view to improving for 2019 wherever feasible.

We are looking to cover the event groups across the series via competitions for Throws, Endurance, Jumps, and Sprints and Hurdles.

As an example of the kind of event involved, the FPSG District Championships in May would count as well as the likes of our Throws Open Graded events and the Glasgow Athletics Association Miler Meets – also a GAA Sprints Meet.

The FPSG Senior Champs and the FPSG Age Groups towards the end of the summer season will also be included and the National Event Specific GP will take in all age groups including Masters.

At the moment, we simply want to flag-up plans for the GP and advise that the first events start next month with the first Throws Meet in Inverness on April 7.

There is more information available on a download which can be accessed via the page here

Running track with hurdles

Aims of the Series

*To improve individual performances through an extended event-specific series

*Provide an alternative and structured competition pathway for all athletes of all standards across a full range of events

*Encourage and promote participation at National standard level events

*Encourage athletes to compete against others with a similar ability more often

*Recognise clubs of all sizes and geographical challenges of competition





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