Event Specific Series

scottishathletics began the delivery of the inaugural National Event Specific Grand Prix Series for Scotland in the Spring/Summer of 2018. The series recognises individual athlete performances, club performances and club participation across track and field event disciplines, and provide an alternative to traditional league competition as well as catering for more athletes across a wider range of abilities. There has been a significant interest in the series with a great deal of feedback throughout the consultation phase and early stages of the series’ introduction.

This downloadable document  provides details of the series’ 2018 introduction and information about the series’ scoring. Competition dates for 2019 can be found in this downloadable 2019 Event Specific Competition Dates .

The Series did not operate in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Final Scores 2019:

2019 Event Specific Series Overview v1

Club Results – Overall Club and Best Performing Club
03 ENDURANCE Reports
03 JUMPS Reports
03 SPRINTS Reports
03 THROWS Reports
04 SM Reports
04 SW Reports
04 U13 RJT Total
04 U15B Reports
04 U15G Reports
04 U17M Reports
04 U17W Reports
04 U20M Reports
04 U20W Reports

Events Scored 2019:

Shetland OGM 1/2/3 and Open, scottishathletics Throws Grand Prix 1/2/3/4,
GAA Miler Meet: Night of the 10Ks, Knockando Jumps OGM 1, scottishathletics District Championships and National Open, Monument Mile Classic, scottishathletics Jumps Series 1/2,
scottishathletics Open 5000m, scottishathletics Combined Events, Masters and Hurdles Meeting, GAA Sprints Gala 1/2/3, Gaa Miler Meets; Age Group Championships, Senior and U17 Championships, TEL Open. IHAAC Open

Final Scores 2018:

2018 Event Specific Series Final Scores Overview

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