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Friday 19th June 2020

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scottishathletics – our Phase 2 Route Map Guidance

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scottishathletics welcomed the First Minister’s announcement on Thursday (June 18) on easing Covid-19 restrictions and moving through the route map process and into Phase 2.

We have been working collaboratively with both the Scottish Government and sportscotland to progress plans for the return of sport when it is safe to do so as part of future phases.

Subsequently, we have now updated our own route maps based on the guidance provided and have produced Phase 2 map guides for:

Phase 2 – Athletes

Phase 2 – Coaches

Phase 2 – Clubs

Phase 2 – Facilities

*A guide for competition providers and technical officials will be released and communicated during Phase 2, with an anticipation that some competition formats may recommence from August (although this is subject to Scottish government guidance and potential change).

PLEASE NOTE that the guidance will be spread across Phase 2 (see below and route map guides).

It should also be noted that the Scottish Government view this phase as a further extension of exercise guidelines and not a specific return to sport, and public health and well-being remains the pressing priority.

The key changes for Phase 2 include:

*From Friday 19 June training/coaching group numbers have been expanded from meeting one other household to two other households.

Strict physical distancing and hygiene measures remain in place. (However, please note there is an extended household rule ie. someone living alone, or a single parent, can form an extended household with one other household see Scottish Government guidance).

*Outdoor athletics facilities will be permitted to open from Monday 29 June.

Clubs, athletes and coaches should be aware that not all facilities will be able to open immediately following guidance changes and there will often be time lags as plans are put in place to re-engage staff, set up operations and ensure safety of participants.

We urge our members to be patient in this respect and communicate with your respective facility operators.

Please note facilities will be open in line with strict social distancing and hygiene measures and must be adhered to at all times.

*The recommendation for Travel Distance for exercise has not changed and remains at 5 miles.

However, there is a separate rule for performance/professional athletes (contact your respective performance team manager at scottishathletics).

Be aware that this guidance can change quickly, so please refer to the scottishathletics website regularly. However, clubs, athletes and coaches must follow the attached guidelines from both a government policy, health and safeguarding perspective.

The guidance documents are available to download.

scottishathletics are keen to stress that these documents are guides that we hope provides athletes, coaches, clubs, officials, event organisers and volunteers some advice and forward thinking, allowing the sport to proactively plan ahead.

These guidelines should be read in conjunction with any updated Scottish Government guidance on health, physical distancing, and hygiene.

Participants should be aware of and adapt to changes in guidance at short notice.

Information on the Scottish Government’s approach to managing covid-19 is available at www.gov.scot/coronavirus-covid-19/

Additional information can be found via Health Protection Scotland at www.hps.scot.nhs.uk/web-resources-container/covid-19-guidance-for-non-healthcare-settings/

Additionally there is also information available at the following www.hps.scot.nhs.uk/a-to-z-of-topics/hand-hygiene/


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