Coronavirus: key advice and support for clubs

Sunday 26th April 2020

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Coronavirus – Update 3

26 April 2020

Coronavirus – club support update 3

We hope this update finds you and your family well.

In our third update for clubs, we are highlighting several examples of good practice from across Scotland and have summarised various useful resources for clubs, coaches, volunteers, and athletes.

Again, we have supplied links where possible to cut down on the text in this document. Feel free to share this update with all your members, parents, coaches, and Officials.

We recognise that there are many more great examples within many clubs – please keep sharing your ideas and we will share as many as we can via updates and social media.

Please also remember it is absolutely essential to continue following the latest guidance from scottishathletics and the Scottish Government around social distancing.

Club Development

Club Development – For clubs this is potentially a good opportunity to review your club development practices, policies and procedures.

Our website support section is available here.

In particular, we remind you of our four-tiered National Club Framework and ClubServe.

The online ClubServe platform contains club reviews, club development resources and templates, and a series of training modules on a variety of subjects.

Financial planning and resilience – We have provided two club development updates with relevant information on club business and finance – update one and update two.

Coronavirus – club support update 1

Coronavirus – club support update 2

Business Gateway have developed a hub of information which includes resources, free webinars and pre-recorded tutorials – details here


Club Development

Examples during lockdown We are seeing many great examples of how clubs are continuing to engage with their membership and operate normal club business during lockdown.

Below we have highlighted a few examples:

*Garscube Harriers have continued with their Board Meetings and have organised a virtual quiz night for members.

*Aberdeen AAC have recently profiled the postcode of their current membership to identify where members come from and how representative the club is of its local community. They have also used twitter regularly to interact and keep in touch with members.

*Inverness Harriers AAC committee have been contacting members and officials that live alone to have a conversation and offer support.

*Red Star AC have created regular catch-ups on training plans, virtual challenges and future plans.


Social Media and Digital Communication with Young People

New and updated guidance and recommendations for coaches, clubs and athletes have been issued by scottishathletics

Details here

License Renewal

Reminder that Coaches and Officials can renew licences during this period.

Details here

Club safeguarding survey

The Standards for Child Wellbeing and Protection in Sport were developed in Scotland to help sports clubs and organisations keep children and young people safe in sport.

Currently the standards apply only to Sport Governing Bodies, and whilst scottishathletics are fully compliant with them, we recognise the benefits of the standards and the associated criteria for improving practice at club level.

We are now considering how best to support clubs to implement the standards and to help us with this we have developed an online survey to see what clubs are currently doing in respect of child wellbeing & protection.

Details have been sent to Welfare Officers with Club survey link here:

You can contact our welfare team for advice about completing the survey on:



Athletics Hub – Coaches and leaders can now access a coaching resource library through the Athletics Hub platform

Details here

Athletics 365 – scottishathletics have announced that all licensed Coaching Assistants, Coach in Running Fitness and Athletics Coaches (pre-September 2018) will be given access to the Athletics 365XL resource FREE for 12 months.

This will support coaches with a training resource tool which can be adapted into virtual coaching sessions.

Details here

scottishathletics are delivering our Coaching Conversations video series with extended interviews with Laura Muir and Beth Dobbin.

Check out our You Tube channel



scottishathletics have a new athletics@home section on our website with various activities.

jogscotland have produced a new programme – Learn to Run or Walk for Fitness

Details here

British Athletics have produced a series of inspirational athletics at home updates featuring International Athletes with several Scottish athletes making an appearance:

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Sportshall Athletics – have a new home pentathlon which can be accessed here


Nutrition, Wellbeing and Mental Health Our partners at the sportscotland Institute of Sport have produced excellent resources providing advice on nutrition and wellbeing

Details here

SAMH have launched a mental health hub with useful tips and resources



scottishathletics have produced guidance and key steps for organisers of a virtual event.

Details here

scottishathletics Development Team

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