Scotland teams for Celtic Games at Grangemouth

Saturday 28th July 2018

Young Scots impress at Welsh U20 International

Scottishathletics will host the annual Celtic Games International for young athletes in track and field at Grangemouth.

And we are delighted to now announce our selections for the U18 and U16 events which will take place on Saturday 4 August.

The opposition features teams from Wales and Ireland and we’re pleased to confirm that there will be two Scotland teams in action – the Celtics team and a Scottish Schools (SSAA) Futures team. This is in keeping with the recent format of the event.

It means more young Scots have the chance to experience track and field action in an international context and for many this will be their first taste of this kind of event.

Congratulations from all at scottishathletics to all these young athletes and their families and coaches as well as the clubs around the country who have been involved in their development over the years.

It is a great moment for the athletes, but also for volunteer coaches and for clubs, too, and we hope that those selected can progress to U20 and Senior ranks in due course and be role models for others in their training groups and at their clubs.

scottishathletics President Leslie Roy (pictured above) leads the delegation for the 2018 Celtic Games, with Julie Mollison as Team Manager and Mark Pollard as Head Coach.

The rest of the Celtics staff are as follows:

Endurance: Steve Doig/Linda Smith;  Jumps: David Watson/Linda Nicholson; Throws: Alison Grey/Susan McKelvie; Sprints, Hurdles and Relays: Allan Scott and Stephen Wallace

The Scottish Schools Futures team will be managed and coached by the SSAA, with thanks to them from scottishathletics.

Scottish Schools Futures Team staff:

Team Managers: Pete Russell and Margaret McInally

Head Coach: Chris Baillie

Coaches: Janice Hendrie, Rachael Bushfield


U18 MenU18 Women
Celtic SelectionEventsFutures Selection Celtic SelectionEventsFutures Selection
Robbie Farquhar100mCameron MarshallJade Hutchison100mSarah Duff
Craig Strachan200mStruan LintonJade Hutchison200mAlyson Bell
Max Leslie400mScott HannawayKatie Reville400mIona McDonald
Seumas MacKay800mRoss WhitelawSarah Calvert800mCharlotte Clare
Joe Ewing1500mJamie BurnsAlice Goodall1500mDaisy Cumming
Christian Graham3000mJack PattonEloise Walker3000mAnna Hedley
Robbie FarquharSprint Hurdles (110m)Ethan RobinsonTia HenrySprint Hurdles (100m)Ellie Stone
Michael Dunn400m HurdlesCameron KeelanEmma Mailer400m HurdlesDion Ingram
Cameron Wright2000m s’chaseMagnus TaitSarah Tait1500m s’chaseGeorgia Ledingham
Stephen MacKenzieLong JumpStuart BainEllie O’HaraLong JumpAnna Cameron
Miraji AhmedTriple JumpBerachiah AjalaEllie O’HaraTriple JumpImogen Lewis
Ryan WoodsHigh JumpAngus DavrenCarmen NeatHigh JumpMichelle Blaikie
Scott BrindleyPole VaultReuben NairneSara BarbourPole VaultCara McCauley
Josh TylerShot PuttFinbar DunneTeddy TchoudjaShot PuttHayley Berry
Andrew BowsherDiscusFinbar DunneAlice BaxendaleDiscusHayley Berry
Daniel BrownJavelinCameron MacIntoshKeira WaddellJavelinLeigh Nicolson
Matt MacFarlaneHammerDanny GracieKirsty CostelloHammerShannon Waldron
Robbie Farquhar4x100m Relay PoolCameron MarshallJade Hutchison,4x100m Relay PoolSarah Duff
Craig StrachanStruan LintonJane DavidsonAlyson Bell
Jamie StevensonCole Milne,Joda KokovworhaAnna Cameron
Jamie ReidFraser SteeleRobyn TaylorEmma Pedrana
Max Leslie4×400 Relay Pool


Scott HannawayKatie Reville4x400m Relay PoolIona McDonald
Seumas MacKayRoss WhitelawElizabeth ThompsonCharlotte Clare
Billy DoyleCameron KeelanGeorgia MorrisonEllie Stone
Aidan BradyGary McPake,Emily MillerDion Ingram
Josh Spence
U16 Boys  
Celtic Selection Futures Selection
Sean Stewart200mAlexander Poustie-Williamson
Ben Sandilands1500mRoss O’Brien
Daniel FergusonSprint Hurdles (100m)Adam Hoole
Murray FotheringhamHigh JumpKyle McAuley
Craig MoncurDiscusVictor Jude-Eze
U16 Girls  
Celtic SelectionEventsFutures Selection
Katie Dinwoodie100mTamsin Fowlie
Isla Calvert800mSarah Coutts
Coirilidh CookSprint Hurdles (80m)Emily Corrigan
Isla SteelLong JumpAbbey Orr
Vivian DuruhShot PuttAlix Fairley
Hannah KinghamJavelinDawn Russell
Celtic Team Futures Team
From: Stewart, Ferguson, Fotheringham, Dinwoodie, Cook & SteelU16 Mixed Relay PoolsFrom: Poustie-Williamson, Hoole, McAuley, Fowlie, Corrigan & Orr




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