Angela PB as Scots throwers compete at Pathway International

Sunday 28th May 2023

Angela McAuslan-Kelly pictured at Loughborough on May 21 when she represented GB and NI Juniors (photo by Bobby Gavin)

Nine young throwers represented Scotland at the Pathway International event in Loughborough on Sunday.

Angela McAuslan-Kelly came up with the best performance in the hammer as she came up with a PB performance of 58.32.

The Aberdeen AAC and 4J National Academy athlete had represented GB and NI U20s the week before at the same venue and the new PB is fourth best all-time for U20 and eighth on our overall all-time list.

In the javelin, Dawn Russell threw 43.91m while Meghan Porterfield was second in the U20 discus competition with 45.52 while in shot, Teddy Tchoudja was second with 14.23

In the men’s shot, U23 Josh Tyler reached 15.68 with a PB and U18 Logan Mitchell reached 15.39. The Scotland selection also featured two Para athletes with Freya Howgate throwing 20.03 in the F37 discus. Finlay Davidson, in the F41 discus, threw 15.88.

Callum Hendry, competing as a guest, was fifth in the Men’s hammer with 53.74 (U20-6k).

Thanks to team managers Alison Grey and Pamela Robson.

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