‘Teamwork makes the dream work’ – our interviews from Loughborough

Sunday 21st May 2023

It’s been a hectic day of competition for the Scotland team in at the Loughborough International today, with a whole range of achievements, from first Scotland vests to long-awaited first-place finishes.

Peter Jardine has been in Loughborough with the team, and caught up with several of them after their competitions.

Reuben Nairne (watch the full interview below) went well in the pole vault, with a new outdoor PB of 5:10. All three podium finishers jumped the same height, with final places decided on countback and Reuben coming third.

He said: ‘I was a bit rusty, gave my coach a little fright – I got my second height on my third attempt and then 5.10 on my third attempt.’

Reflecting on the experience of being a part of the Scotland team, he added: ‘It was great. This is my second time representing Scotland senior-wise and to be with the team staying over, it’s been incredible,

‘I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. Just to have the team around you, I think that had an impact on my performance today. Teamwork makes the dream work!’

For high jumper Jenna Hilditch, it was a first senior Scotland vest, and a jump of 1.67 with three first-time clearances on the way – and an important experience as she sets her sights on selection for the Trinbago 2023 Commonwealth Youth Games.

She said: ‘I was just excited to be here so whatever I came away with, I was happy with. The 1.72 would have been nice but it wasn’t for today, but I jumped a big PB last weekend so I’m happy with the 1.67 today.

‘I feel very honoured to be part of the team and I’m excited to be here and taking it all in. It’s a big experience and it’s good to do, so I’m glad I’m here.’

Watch our full video interview with Jenna – 

For Steven Bryce it was an impressive second win in as many years in the Loughborough International’s Para 1500m event.

After the race, he said: ‘It felt great. Tough race, but really good – a really good race. Happy with that.’

It was the first year that the race had been fully integrated into the match, with points counting towards the final results, and developments in Steven’s coaching set-up clearly paying dividends.

Find out more in our full video interview – 

Meanwhile, for Jack Lawrie it was a delight to secure victory in the 400m hurdles after several years of competing.

He said: “I’ve been coming for five, six years now, never actually won when I’ve been down here, so it’s really good to get the win today. It’s always a pleasure to run for Scotland, run with a Scotland vest on your back, so I’m really chuffed.”

Watch the full video interview with Jack below.

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