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Wednesday 24th June 2015

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Perform When It Counts – The scottishathletics Strategy 2015-2019

scottishathletics has recently carried out an internal restructure of the governing body – primarily affecting our Development Team.

The changes are consistent with the strategic plan ‘Perform When It Counts’ and a driving factor in that blueprint has been to increase our focus on athletics clubs across Scotland and the support we are able to offer.

In a move designed to help deliver effectively the recently-launched Club 20:20 Modernisation Plan and continue the very successful Club Together Programme, the original positions of Regional Development Managers have been replaced.

New roles have now been defined as National Club Managers – jobs which will involve direct engagement with and support to key athletics clubs combined with ‘brokering’ and managing expert external support and consultancy to those clubs and when it will have a positive impact.

That has regrettably led to some staff being made redundant and scottishathletics would like to thank and recognise the contributions of four team members: Ann Davidson, Ashley Oswald, Allison Simpson and Liz Francis – over a number of years, both collectively and individually.

Meanwhile, our Events Manager, Stewart Caithness, has decided to pursue other interests in a separate move but will remain with us for now and work part-time until the end of the summer track and field season.

It has been a difficult time for all involved in the process internally and we recognise a wider impact both professionally and personally.

All at scottishathletics would like to offer best wishes for the future to these staff members who are moving on.

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The restructure has also enabled change and adjustment to a handful of other pivotal roles and functions:

*National Club Managers: Jamie MacDonald (East)/Julie Mollison (North)/Lindsay McMahon (West)

*Club Para Officer (p/t): Shona Malcolm

*National Events Manager: Alasdhair Love

*Coach Education Manager: Jim Goldie

*Coaching and Executive Administrator: Joanne Dennis

*Officials Recruitment & Development Officer (p/t): Shona Malcolm

We are sorry to see the departure of:

*Ashley Oswald/Liz Francis(p-t)/Allison Simpson (p-t)

*Ann Davison (p-t) with jogscotland

*Stewart Caithness

These changes will result to a degree in a different way of working with our clubs – the National Club Manager role will be a demanding one with a significant number of clubs to support (each) and some large geographical areas.

scottishathletics is however totally committed to first class service in support of our clubs as they tackle the challenges they face and, in many cases, seek to modernise as effective businesses for the future.

Nigel Holl, CEO of Scottish Athletics

Nigel Holl: clubs are the priority

Nigel Holl, Chief Executive said: ‘This has been a difficult period through the formal restructure period, and I wish to go on record commending all staff for their approach to the personal and work-based challenges they have faced.

‘I regret losing valued team members and our support remains for them as they seek new opportunities – and I know they will succeed in their endeavours – whatever they might be.

‘I would also like to thank many who may have been waiting for an announcement from us for their patience in recent weeks – in particular those clubs with whom certain staff have been working closely.

‘With due process having to be completed, we were not in a position to publicly share certain information. Those involved were of course up to speed and indeed were our primary concern.

‘Our commitment to clubs and the sport in Scotland remains fundamental.

‘To that end, I am hugely encouraged and excited by the re-focus we have undertaken in our Development Team and I know that through the leadership of Mark Munro (Head of Development) and his new team of National Club Managers, Club Para Officer, Officials Recruitment and Development Officer, and the Coach Education/Development team, we have a fantastic basis to continue the impact we have seen in recent years.’



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