Scotland vest opportunities in road and XC via our International Handbook

Wednesday 19th October 2022

International Handbook

Our International Handbook is lodged on the website and we’re pleased to have now up-dated the Road Running and Cross Country section.

Scotland and Scottish District vests are up for grabs this winter and athletes and coaches should study the document to check the opportunities which are available.

The first of the cross country opportunities are as follows . . .

British Cross Challenge and Euro Cross Trials in Liverpool on Saturday 26 November

(Selection date November 7)

Up to: 4 Senior Men; 4 Senior Women; 4 U23 Men; 4 U23 Women; 4 U20 Men and 4 U20 Women will be selected on current form.


Celtic Nations Cross Country: Date and venue TBC

(Selection date December 5)

Up to: 4 U23 Men (born 2001, 02, 03), 4 U23 Women (born 2001, 02, 03),

Up to 4 U20 Men (born 2004, 05, 06), 4 U20 Women (born 2004, 05, 06),

Up to 4 U17 Men (born 2007 and 2008) and 4 U17 Women (born 2007 and 2008)

Selected on current form, particularly Liverpool XC and the District XC. Please note age groups are under IAAF rules.


Inter Districts Cross Country (Incorporated into British Cross Challenge): Perth on Saturday 14 January

(Selection date December 5)

Teams SEN/ U17/ U15/ U13

North, East, West District representative teams will be primarily selected from results of the District Championships in December.



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