Nick throws landmark 65m Scottish Record to win his fifth British title

Sunday 26th June 2022

Photo Getty Images for British Athletics

Nick Percy landed his fifth British Champs gold medal in Manchester – with a Scottish Record as a huge added bonus!

The Isle of Wight-based Scot now has a strong shot at selection for the World Champs via his global ranking, which is inside the top 32 status that British Athletics will consider.

Nick threw out to 65.00m in a series that featured two other throws beyond 64m and one at 63.92m as he continued a superb 2022. He started this year with his own Scottish Record at 63.38m.

‘To reach 65m is a brilliant feeling because that’s a big landmark in discus throwing – like 10 seconds in the 100m,’ he said.

‘It was windy today but you could use that if you caught it right. I knew that one was big when it left my hand and was waiting for them to announce the distance.

‘I’m ecstatic with another PB and another consistent series. It’s been the story of my whole year and I’m just glad at the right time we actually got the big throw today.

‘It is a shame it’s not slightly further in order to guarantee selection but I have done all I can so we will just wait to see. Fingers crossed for good news but if not I know I have done all that I can.’



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