693 athletes for 4J Seniors and U17s – drop-in chats on age group changes

Thursday 3rd August 2023

Our 4J Senior and U17 Champs are coming soon at Grangemouth – and we are thrilled to have very close to 700 athletes entered.

In total, the two championship events taking place over the weekend of August 12/13 will feature 693 athletes.

That’s the best tally in three years since Covid and indeed numbers are now very close to pre-pandemic levels, which reflects well on the sport.

We say a huge thank you to every athlete entered and to coaches, clubs and parents, too.

The 693 figure is also up by 76 athletes from last year’s Senior and U17s at Grangemouth.

2023 – 693 (381 Seniors, 311 U17s)
2022 – 617 (349 Seniors, 268 U17s)
2021 – 692 (397 Seniors, 295 U17s)


More details on proposed Age Group changes

scottishathletics are setting up drop-in Q and A sessions at Grangemouth and Aberdeen over the next few weeks to help increase understanding on proposed changed to Age Group categories.

Recent feedback from the sport has highlighted the challenges of the current age group system within athletics in the UK.

At the moment, different disciplines within the sport operate four different competition years and age group cut-off dates, which can lead to confusion amongst athletes, parents, event organisers and clubs.

Our Head of Competitions, Alasdhair Love, will be available from 1pm to 2pm at the Admissions Gazebo both days at Grangemouth for the Seniors and U17 Champs and similarly both days at the 4J Age Groups at Aberdeen.

We think the age groups structure could be clearer, so three online Q and A sessions were delivered which were open to all Scottish clubs and event organisers.

A recording of the webinar, along with presentation slides and FAQs have been shared with all club secretaries and event organiser contacts. To find out more details, people should contact their club secretary or come along to one of the drop-in sessions.

*If you have any further questions at this stage, or if you would like to share any additional comments, supporting statements or objections to the proposal to change the age groups structure, pleaseget in touch with our team on events@scottishathletics.org.uk



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