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Tuesday 20th June 2023

scottishathletics, alongside other Home Country associations and UK Athletics, are making plans to propose to the sport the introduction of new age groups from April 2024.

Changing the age groups to U14, U16, U18 and U20 is the blueprint and would bring us into further alignment with World Athletics and European Athletics.

Via the plans, the 1 September to August 31 cut-off date would be maintained. Additionally, it will be proposed that all disciplines with the exception of Hill and Trail Running align their cut off date to August 31.

Consultation with the sport is taking place across the UK and scottishathletics urges event organisers, athletes, coaches, clubs and parents to register in advance for online webinar sessions which will explain more.

The sessions will hopefully help everyone understand how best to contribute to help making the changes happen smoothly and to submit any questions.

These are coming up over the next two or three weeks and details on how to sign up are here . . .

Event Organisers – Thursday 29 June at 6.30pm



Clubs, Coaches, Athletes 1 – Thursday 6 July at 6.30pm



Clubs, Coaches, Athletes 2 – Monday 10 July at 6.30pm



The Home Country Federations and UK Athletics feel that changing to U12 to U18 age groups would have a number of benefits:

    • Clarity for new athletes and parents as to which age group they are in for all disciplines.
    • Competing at the top of your age group in a non-major exam year.
    • Providing new age groups of U12s (allowing younger athletes to compete earlier) and U18s (allowing for an easier transition to U20s and Seniors).
    • U12s would be exclusively in Primary schools and U14 the first two years of secondary, allowing for better emotional and social development.
    • This could also allow for easier transition through the age groups for some technical events and help to promote international opportunities at U18 level.
    • Addressing the impact of school and university exams for current U17 and U20 athletes.

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