New Facilities Strategy will help towards better informed decisions

Monday 22nd March 2021

Aberdeen Sports Village (photo by Bobby Gavin)

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scottishathletics are currently working on an up-dated Facilities Strategy which can help shape decisions on the future of the sport in Scotland.

And we’re delighted to be partnering closely with Integratis Consultants on bringing the data to life via additional insight and information.

The Facilities Strategy was last drafted back in 2014-15 before being launched in November of 2015 and, clearly, there have been a number of changes since then.

While upgrading work required and access at certain venues remain issues, it is good to see progress in other facilities over that timeframe. Dundee and Huntershill in East Dunbartonshire come to mind as particular examples in that respect.

Now we are looking for the Facilities Strategy to dovetail with our ‘Building a Culture of Success’ strategy and help aid our Board and our Development team – and indeed external partners – make informed decisions.

‘From this project we want to understand if there any further gaps in our facilities infrastructure that have not been identified and build a case based not only around the needs for athletics but also the impact facilities could have on health and wellbeing in the communities they serve,’ said chief executive Colin Hutchison.

‘Neil Ross and the team at Integratis Consulting have gathered up a lot of information and data from ourselves, clubs, facility operators and local councils/leisure trusts to shine further light on details within the Facilities Strategy.’

Integratis Consulting 

Integratis are taking all the information from various sources and feeding that into an overall plan for the venue provision for athletics in Scotland – which should help on all kinds of decisions to be made over the coming years.

‘We are delighted to be working with scottishathletics to provide additional insight to their latest Facilities Strategy,’ said Neil.

‘The insight will help to develop a better understanding of current facility and club provision, allowing more informed discussions with key stakeholders about developing new provision and better targeting and prioritising of resources and funding at a local, regional and national level.

‘We believe the research work will also enrich understanding of the impact that athletics facilities can have on wider outcomes such as improved health and wellbeing of individuals, families and communities.’

Crownpoint in Glasgow (photo by Bobby Gavin)



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