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Edinburgh AC win Inter-Club Champs

Saturday 20th August 2016

Gillian Cooke – triple jump and long jump medals helped Edinburgh to overall success

Edinburgh AC took the overall Inter-Club title at the Scottish Senior Champs at Grangemouth.

Over the past couple of years, scottishathletics have been tallying up points for performances at the track and field championships to give an overall winner as well as recognise success in the various event groups.

This has been done with a great deal of assistance by statistician Arnold Black and with help and support from the Track and Field Commission.

Edinburgh AC won the overall trophy at Aberdeen in 2015 and did so again last weekend with Kilbarchan AAC in the ‘silver medal’ position and Central AC in third. The top 10 clubs for Seniors are listed below.

Interestingly, there were four different winners in the event group awards as Kilbarchan won the sprints, Central AC the endurance, Giffnock North AAC the jumps and Edinburgh AC took the throws.

Here are the tallies as supplied by Arnold – thanks.

Overall – 1 Edinburgh 8866, 2 Kilbarchan 8038, 3 Central 7957, 4 Aberdeen 7831, 5 VP Glasgow 7534, 6 Giffnock North 7368, 7 Shettleston 7117, 8 Inverness 7077, 9 Pitreavie 6559, 10 Inverclyde 4937. 

Sprints – 1 Kilbarchan 4269, 2 Pitreavie 3881, 3 Aberdeen 3660, 4 Edinburgh 3344, 5 VP-Glasgow 3162. 

Endurance – 1 Central 4360, 2 Edinburgh 3972, 3 Aberdeen 3881, 4 VP-Glasgow 3750, 5 Ronhill Cambuslang 3693.

Jumps – 1 Giffnock North 3987, 2 Edinburgh 3927, 3 VP Glasgow 2110, 4 Shettleston 1612, 5 Kilbarchan 1483.

Throws – 1 Edinburgh 5034, 2 Kilbarchan 4249, 3 VP Glasgow 2741, 4 Inverness 1741, 5 Shettleston 1719. 

*Details on the U17 Inter-Club points will be the next to be revealed and thereafter the other three age brackets following the Age Group Champs at Grangemouth. The points are allocated according to an athlete’s place in each event.

SeniorU17 Sat-38093

Central AC won the Endurance event group at Seniors


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