Championship and International info in Hill and Trail Running Handbook

Tuesday 2nd January 2024

Numerous Championship and International opportunities will be available for Scottish hill and trail runners through the 2024 season – and they’re outlined in the Hill and Trail Running Handbook, available via the Team Selection page of our website.

We are keen that Scotland should continue to be represented by strong and well-prepared teams, and continue to get athletes into GB teams at major championships.

The International Programme is designed with that in mind, and the Hill Running Commission are keen to ensure that an adequate and appropriate programme is provided for our athletes, including opportunities for juniors and seniors alike.

The domestic and international programme include uphill-only events which is a great introduction to those wishing to try the hills but do not wish to race downhill.

The balance of events and numbers of athletes to be selected is dependent upon a number of factors. For the programme to be successful and to ensure progress towards our aim of Scottish athletes performing with distinction both within the UK and abroad, and fielding Scottish athletes in GB teams, our top endurance athletes and their coaches are encouraged to participate in this programme and plan their season accordingly.

Athletes likely to be eligible for selection should keep National Endurance Manager (Off Track Pathway), Angela Mudge and/or members of the selection committee fully informed of athletes’ racing programmes, results, training progress, injuries, illness and availability for selection for those races on the programme.

This type of information and two-way communication is extremely valuable in assisting the selectors to pick the best possible teams.

Below: Angela Mudge is our Off Track lead

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